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Downloaded Experiment 12 as well. Sure is different.

Posted by Beforet

Good to see that these are getting longer! It's like watching the Endurance Run grow from 13 minute bites to two hour long marathons.

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I'm loving this feature!

Posted by 1Gorebash1

Can't wait to check these out!

Posted by MarkG1022


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Realized people don't read anymore and mixed in a video huh? haha

Edit: I didn't mean that people don't read YOUR content, just that people don't read enough in general.

Posted by Fobwashed

One man content machine! Always enjoyed worth reading and this is a nice additional feature to that feature. Thx for this =)

Posted by Pete0r

That start screen for Legend of Iya really reminds me of Shadow of the Beast on the Amiga.

Edited by Tortoise

Could watch these all day

Posted by Azurath

Fantastic feature, keep it up.

I love the mentions of the Bomb Squad in Be Good.

Posted by Excast

Legend of Iya looks interesting. Good visuals and solid animation.

Posted by rasko_the_brave

Thanks Scoops.

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Those colours at 27.30 were messing with my eyes real bad

Legend of Iya looks neat, didn't know about it before. Thanks for the heads up

Posted by DeathByWaffle

Experiment 12 looks goddamn amazing

Posted by MosaicM80

Wow! That experiment 12 looks crazy and so cool! I hope Patrick looks at it more in depth later.

Posted by nate6858

Man experiment 12 was really doing it for me. Gotta check that out.

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The slowdown when he killed the boss in Legend of Iya had to be an intentional throwback, right? It looked like it could turn out pretty well.

Be Good did absolutely nothing for me, but hey, it's a weird experimental thing, so whatever.

Experiment 12 seems pretty effing cool. Also, never give up, Patrick! One of these days, you'll pronounce Jasper Byrne's name correctly. I believe in you!

Posted by Innovacious

Damn, that's certainly a Roger Dean era videogame boxart inspired logo.

Edited by HerbieBug

Legend of Iya has some good things going for it right now, lots of potential. From the video i'd say probably could do with an increase in movement speed for certain. It reminds me of early builds of Skullgirls in that regard. Animation fluid but slow-ish. Also less is more on the parallax. Too much camera movement in response to character movement and I feel dizzy.

Experiment 12 is not for me. I had more than my fill of that bullshit nonsense in art school. Just react to the visual stimulus, feel the emotional reactions you have to-

No. Shut up.

Don't you see, you're supposed to feel annoyed and irritated and dizzy. The experience is th-

No. Fuck off.

...sorry. Talking about art school makes me angry. D:

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Thanks scoops! really liking this feature.

Posted by Milkman

I played through about half of the chapters of Experiment 12. It's fucking awesome. I really hope Patrick streams the rest of it at some point.

Posted by kollay

I like this feature! Keep at it!

Posted by cabrit_sans_cor

No way I'm finishing this video. I want to experience Experiment 12 for myself.

This feature is great, and I can't wait to see more of it. I don't know I would have found that by myself.

Edited by onarum

This feature keeps getting better and better, I really appreciate it, legend of Iya looks great, the world can never have enough metroidvania games I say, I'll back it for sure, hope it makes it.

Experiment 12 it's really intriguing, great concept behind it, didn't much care for that be good thing though.

Posted by Blair

Patrick, please play more of Experiment 12 on Spookin'. That game is scary as the best of 'em.

Posted by Eljay

I now have a slight craving to pull The Neverhood out the closet.

Posted by SecondPersonShooter

damn getting experiment 12 right now

Posted by Korolev

Thanks Patrick. These games may be worth playing, but these videos are worth watching.


Love it Scoops, keep up the outstanding work.

Posted by Roger_Klotz

Experiment 12 needs a spookin with scoops. That game is so unsettling, couldn't image playing it in the dark alone.

Posted by Darand

I had to stop watching when you started playing experiment 12 so I could go download it. Wouldn't want to spoil anything.

Posted by Wonloong

Experiment 12 is such a good work of art! I like the expressions the player can interpret by experiencing it.

Posted by Coreus
Posted by MikeLemmer

Knowing how a game plays wasn't so much "reading" as it was "downloading, installing, trying". I really appreciate these looks; it lets me decide which free games are worth checking out & which I can pass on.

Realized people don't read anymore and mixed in a video huh? haha

Posted by SgtSphynx

For some reason the end of the video made me think of this...

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn

Posted by AngriGhandi

I continue to enjoy this feature.

Much as it's super-convenient to not have to trawl three dozen websites on my own looking for interesting articles to read, it's double super convenient to not have to download, install, and run a dozen executables every week to see what's interesting about the games they contain.

So, keep it up! It's good.

Posted by D_W

The Legend of Iya combat looks a lot like the combat from a game called Fairy Bloom Freesia. Which I highly recommend everyone check out. Super fun! I found that I couldn't enjoy the combat in Dust afterwords because it was so mindless in comparison.

Posted by Peetabix

@pete0r: I was going to post the same thing. Also the music reminds me of the Shadow of the Beast games

Posted by OreoSpeedwagon

The only substantial difference between Phil Fish and Derek Smart is that people generally liked Fez more than BC3000.

Posted by Tordah

Legend of Iya seems like it has potential even if that was a pretty crude demo. Really enjoying this worth playing feature!

Posted by david_maurer

That was bizarre.Looking forward to the next installment.

Posted by hustlerlt

That last game is really cool.

Posted by svevo

This is a great feature

Posted by triviaman09

Experiment 12 is like the V/H/S of video games.

Posted by LisJustice

Just finished Experiment 12, what a ride!

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Ouya not a big platform "yet".

You mean Never?

Posted by Incapability


Posted by paulunga

Wow, I don't wanna be such a downer here, but that Be Good "game" was crap. I don't mind unusual, out-there design but that was the game equivalent of an art major sophomore's project.

Edited by jiggajoe14

*Goes & d/l's experiment 12 asap*

Posted by Mabui

These are fun videos~

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