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Save the Date was pretty hilarious , and then it essentially drops the "The Author is Dead" argument of literary interpretation on you (Hey man, the ending is whatever you want it to be; brah). That happens to be the one form of literary interpretation I actively disagreed with in the English class I took last year.

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"Let's give this date another shot!"

haha. You're so cruel, Patrick.

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@patrickklepek the more games the better... Pretty much been playing most of the games you've shown from this feature (and from worth reading). Would be awesome if you did this twice a week (or even just posted up the games in worth playing like before). Can't get enough indie games to check out. Time to go play save the date, then tripout and dance my socks off.

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scoops 4 prez

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I don't have a history of seizures, but I think I'm having one right now...

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Apparently one man's bad acid trip is another man's game.

I used to go clubbing three times a week and never saw visions like this. Overall a bad scene and a waste of time IMHO, but if you really want to see what a club is like get out of your damn computer chair and go to one on a weekend night!

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Let's give that date another shot! I've got a sinking feeling about this date. Aw, nuts.

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Felicia lived heavenly ever after.

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