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Scoops is a one man content power house!

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Save the Date! Holy shit! I was NOT expecting that.

Patrick, I'd be well up for more installments of Worth Playing. I'll watch anything you put out.

Also, I'm really appreciating the volume of content you create. You're like a well oiled machine!

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Yes, that's exactly what it's like to go clubbing - if you are on all the drugs, that is.

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Awww, no worth reading, one of my favorite features =(=(

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Patrick's face at the end of the first date... Priceless!!!

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You've really hit your groove with this feature, Patrick--I could happily wolf down two hot scoops of Worth Playing per week.

Best pun ever. Not worst, best.

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oh man that first game made me feel sick

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gotta say, sincerely this is one of my favorite video features on the site.

i like patrick when hes showcasing unique games and writing interesting features, not so much when hes criticizing the industry

(basically im all for patrick klepek the games enthusiast and patrick scoopz man klepek, but not so much dig patrick klepek the diplomat

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Wow, I always wondered what it would be like in a dance club, but I'm gonna need one of these first:


hell yeah Patrick we like this feature :D More would be great as you let me see games I would never ever come into contact with.

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hell yeah Patrick we like this feature :D More would be great as you let me see games I would never ever come into contact with.

Yes. I would like to see this kind of thing more often. Watching Patrick play all manner of obscure stuff is great.

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THIS is clubbing (of the fingers) Patrick. :(

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@mjhaylett said:

hell yeah Patrick we like this feature :D More would be great as you let me see games I would never ever come into contact with.

Yes. I would like to see this kind of thing more often. Watching Patrick play all manner of obscure stuff is great.

seconded i as well am all for patrick playing the weird games.

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Jesus, what was even with that last game. Does it end up being some sort of time loop shit?

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Holy crap when the music kicks in at the end of the first date I was dying.

This feature rules, Patrick. Make more of them!

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that interactive club thing would be AMAZING with the oculus rift.

and maybe im a bad person, but i found save the date to be funny

@patrickklepek im all down for this to be twice a week, or hell just showcase all the games in one worth playing and take as long as you need to.

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As former a clubgoer, and having gone to clubs on lots of drugs. That's not too accurate.

Unless the kids are doing some new drug that I don't know about.

In which case, I would like to get my hands on some.

But that game is pretty rad looking.

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More of this is always welcome because I wouldn't go ahead and try most of the games you'd highlight out of sheer laziness or lack of time, so this is nice to have so that I can go back and watch you give a tip to the coolest ones.

Also, AC = Armor Class.

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Save The Date sounds like a great game for necrophiliacs.

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Confusion from drugs and alcohol are usually post experience unless you overdo it, but maybe I'm prone to blackouts. Everyone has always told me I was acting normal at the times I don't remember.

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Worth playing twice a week? I would love that!

Posted by beatnik11

I really love this segment, keep it up Patrick. As for the games, the first one seemed really neat in a crazy drugged out sort of sort of way. The second game looks like a dungeon crawling Minecraft, meh not interested. The third game was straight up bullshit, interesting just to see what kind of unpredictable shock nonsense happens on the date, but can barely even be considered a game even for a visual novel.

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Rouge-like: any game that borrows from the concepts that Rouge had

Most people think to interpret it as a perma death rpg with levels of dungeon with stat based combat. I think that is outdated with modern interpretations on the genre, but I love Dungeon Crawl and I'm still trying to ascend.

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Really been digging this feature thus far, and most definitely in favor of it occurring multiple times a week. Keep up the superb work, Patrick.

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Wow that Save the Date game was pretty depressing.

Also, twice a week would be awesome.

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Wow, Save the Date was amazing.

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Patrick's face when the first date went sour. Man.

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You have to keep playing Save The Date, Patrick, it is on the real maybe my favorite game this year. Just keep trying man. You can save the date.

Posted by Phatmac

"Let's give that date another shot" - Patrick Klepek, 2013

Posted by Stimpack

@patrickklepek: AC stands for Armor Class! It represents your current defense. In most games an enemy's attack (or to-hit accuracy) is rolled against your AC in order to see whether or not they have hit you.

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So its like being in a dance club on Mescaline. Got it.

Posted by antivanti

I would like to inquire as to what video game is... 0_o

Posted by audioBusting

Finally, Save the Date! That game is one of my top favorites of the year for sure.

Posted by fedfierce

Yes! Please do this twice a week!

Posted by BakerMikeRomeo

The moment in Save the Date when the first date goes wrong -- Patrick's shocked silence is priceless. I can only imagine the fellow who made the game watching this video and saying "Yeah, exactly."

Thanks for this, Mr. Klepek!

Posted by SgtSphynx

In the immortal words of Ryan T. Davis... I am tripping balls right now.

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The second game is more like Ultima Underworld than Minecraft. Just because it's pixely and blocky 3d doesn't mean it minecraft.

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I had a few nights that looked a bit like this. I kinda swore off going to clubs around the time I turned 30 and quit taking E.

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I really hope that Save the Date isn't trying to take itself too seriously, because I was laughing the whole time. I really like dark humor.

Posted by KDR_11k

Delver is nice, I have that on my phone.

Posted by bybeach

I understand this approach. Still here and there please include a little worth reading...came across some good articles you did the work to find and pass on

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@patrickklepek Save the Date is totally cool! I played it after watching this and it gets pretty interesting / ridiculous. The writing is really good. Thanks for sharing! (My date hasn't survived yet)

Posted by heatDrive88

Absolutely loving this feature.

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There's some other strange/amazing stuff in Slave of God that got missed; there's a toilet where you pee a stream of yellow pixels into a trough but it's utterly impossible to get the trajectory right so you end up pissing all over the floor. Also, and I have no idea how to replicate this, but going to the bar sometimes plays a chime and something appears hovering in the air? That happens MOST of the time. Sometimes a car crashes behind the bar.

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Where does Scoops find these weird ass games... freaking crazy.

Posted by Spaghettios

@patrickklepek You have to finish Save the Date! If you haven't played any more than you showed then you haven't even seen the game yet.