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So a bit more scripted? Mmmokay. Guess there's not enough of that on GB nowadays.

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Looks good, nice job on moving this feature to video!

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@patrickklepek Nice to see you experimenting with this format. Is it gonna be this short and sweet for the next one?

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I suppose this is supposed to fill the void that video reviews left? It certainly almost comes across as a review.

Anyway, I definitely like off-the-cuff Patrick more than scripted Patrick. And I like more games than fewer.

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I did not like this new format of worth playing.

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Reminds me of the A Story About My Uncle not review. I like the format for a smaller game that most people have probably never heard of. It allows Patrick to understand the game and whether it is worth playing before he makes the video, rather than the QL format from before of jumping in fresh. I still would like the old format, but as something else. I'm thinking like Game Jam QLs but with a different name for it. "Just Jamming"? No, that sounds dumb.

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I like this format change.

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Welcome back, WP! I'm liking the new format and that Patrick gets to instill some of his editing styles to the feature. Glitch Hikers seems like a relaxing if perhaps unnerving game; I think letting a stranger in your car at night is terrifying.

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I like this format, as Patrick is able to move along at a more brisk pace (without hanging up on foreign mechanics), while reflecting on his play experience with a good level of depth.

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Mmm... While I appreciate the effort of how time-consuming editing is, and how much it can add to an episode, I don't come to Giant Bomb for scripted content, I like it raw. A script allows you to tell us how you felt about something, but raw content allows us to develop those feelings alongside you, rather than just being talked at.

It's a tricky balance, as I appreciate the editing, but I think you could totally edit an actual playthrough by removing lapses in anything interesting (instead of rushing on to the next game for fear of boring us) and adding that on-screen info where relevant.

In fact, that's just given me an idea. You know your interview dumptrucks, Patrick? That format is PERFECT for this. A couple minutes of you setting up the video, edited and maybe scripted, and then the playthrough. I know it's time-consuming, but I think it'd be amazing.

(Pssst, also, I hate short videos! I love Giant Bomb for long-form stuff! Your 20ish minute videos were a good length for this feature.)

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Thanks for listening to Worth Playing, here on NPR, up next is Fresh Air

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Just subscribed because your podcasts get me through the week (added bonus is you're all consistent at uploading them and don't require iTunes! Thanks!).

I really like this new segment. It is nice to get to see games that I would otherwise never hear about and do not know anything about. Its quick, concise, and is encouraging for me to check out some unique games.

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I liked this new format. The games didn't really interest me enough to look into them, but it's nice to hear about them with personal reflections.

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I am so glad Patrick is trying something new with this format. Rather than get another "here's a piece of gameplay, which I then describe to you as you watch" video, we get more thoughtful reflections on both the games and how they relate to Patrick's life (and, by extension, our lives as well). This is exactly the kind of thing we need more of.

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I'm not really sure if I like the new format or not.

Maybe it was just the nature of the games you chose, but this sort of came off like a video essay instead of a quick look into some lesser known games.

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This is pretty cool - It makes more sense for a series called "Worth Playing." Maybe you could also do a series where you just play weird games and see what happens because I did enjoy that aspect of your previous Worth Playings.

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This is production value, and it keeps things moving at a much faster and solid pace throughout. It's kind of reminicent of GB video reviews of old.

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I for one, really enjoyed the new format! It made me more likely to watch Worth Playing in the future. Give me some of your perspective on the games, in a short, easy to digest format. Would love to see more like this.

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Yep, I'm a fan of this new format. If you can use it to better convey your more nuanced opinions on certain games after you've had time to digest them that's a plus in my book. I just hope you don't get too bogged down with editing that it loses the energy of your genuine reactions.

Edit: Or potentially there is room for both formats of worth playing depending on the games in question. Sometimes seeing that live spontaneity play out is just as valuable.

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@patrickklepek I definitely found this format more approachable and engaging. I enjoy your work, but admittedly I wasn't compelled to consume this particular content much in the past. This format, along with a < 10 minute length, compels someone like me much more easily. Thank you for continuing to experiment with the best way to deliver content.

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Really enjoying the new format - it's clear Patrick has a lot to say about these games and this allows him to convey that more easily. Glitchhikers looks really cool, going to give it a try now.

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I really enjoyed this Patrick. What I appreciated most about this format is that your commentary went just deep enough to pique my interest in the games, without getting so concrete that it would color my own feelings when I played them myself. Thanks!

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video games are art, man.

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I gotta say, I think I prefered the old style. It was more off the cuff, and less serious. I don't mind that Patrick was going for something more scripted, but I don't come to GB for serious business.

I come to GB for serious business.

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I'm not sure how I feel about this new format. Patrick's always better when he has a chance to write and rehearse what he's going to say, but he also gets a bit too....abstract. He looks way too deep into simplistic games to find some kind of deep or profound meaning of life reason behind every action.

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I think I preferred the old style of these videos, but I can get used to this. If you do keep this format going Patrick, I would recommend closing out on the game footage rather than a black screen.

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I like the format, but I think the first game in particular could have done with a off the cuff video, as it would better demonstrate the sense of discovery that seems a key part of the game. However, I think the format really worked for the second, as the edited nature allowed for the chance for Patrick to absorb the conversations; without having to rush through them, looking over his shoulder at the viewers. So, I think a combination of the two styles is probably the best bet for this feature. Anyway, I enjoyed the video, it's a nice change of pace to the rest of the site.

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seems ok

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I'm not a fan of this new format. I prefer the raw and uncensored reaction to a game, rather than a profound and thought out after critique. The old format feels real and pure, whistle giving a real insight to the game. Where this gives a more art house love critique. Not saying that art house is crap or anything, but this isn't this place where I go for it. If something isn't broken, there's no need to fix it. Keep up the good work Pat!

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Fun Experiment @patrickklepek.

Some thoughts:
- Both of these games look fun. Especially Glitchhikers. As someone who spent several hours driving back and forth between DJ gigs and moving across country on his own, it looks like it captures that mood and introspective nature of that kind of journey perfectly. Also I like that you understand how important those questions and reflections are in the space of a long journey.

- Liking the scripted thoughts on the game. Not so sure about the edited nature of the video.

- Worth Playing (and most content on GB) offers the raw video of gameplay that includes the ever so important portions of how the game will load up, what errors may occur, and explanations on controls at the start. This edited kind of feature does have a gloss to it, but doesn't relay those bits of information, that I have seen members inquire about.

- Your script on the games themselves was spot on. Since you have so many thoughts and feelings (both praise and criticism) for these games as you play them, it is easy to get lost in the moment or stumble and trip over words. Scripting out these thoughts allows the eloquence you write with to come across in the video. So if there is any one thing you keep from this experiment, definitely keep a bit more of your scripted thoughts. Maybe even plot out ahead of time, while doing a raw playthrough of the game. Something of a happy medium.

I'm glad Worth Playing is back, and speaking as someone who is also about to break from his established podcasting format, thanks for daring to change things up. It makes me feel a bit better about breaking up 4-ish years of tradition in light of new spirit in my show.


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I like this format better than the old one. I rarely watched the old Worth Playing not because of the games, but because the format of off the cuff commentary on a game rarely works when the commentary doesn't naturaly happen through conversation. Even when watching someone who is pretty good at doing these types of 'Solo Quick Looks' (see Jim Sterlings Squirty Plays), the commentary often feels forced and unnatural. Also the old format pretty much left no reason to play these games, since Patrick would often finish them. With this we as an audience get a good understanding of what type of game it is, but doesn't get the entire thing spoiled.

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I love Worth Playing and I really liked this new approach a lot keep up the great work!

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I feel like I am more likely to watch this style of video as opposed to the previous style. As much as I do enjoy off the cuff Patrick, I feel like we can get a lot more interesting information and a sense of how Patrick views and plays video games through this feature. We can also get a little bit more information about the games themselves, based on the bit of research Patrick does beforehand. In other words, I like it.

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For me, I like the original Worth Playing format the best. Several small games being played off the cuff and only for as long as they held your interest. If they were truly worth playing we could check them out ourselves (and I often did back then).

The more recent format of fewer games with longer segments felt like many games stretched on longer than they deserved, which made the feature a bit less enjoyable and left me less interested to go and actually play the games that were "worth playing."

This new format I feel has the same issue where it kinda does all the work for me telling me all about the game and showing me the highlights, so I don't even have to play it.

I guess it depends what the current intent of the feature is. I really liked when it was short highlights of things that we would then want to go play ourselves.

I'll keep watching either way, keep it up.

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I think this fits the bill more than the old ones.

But, I’ll be honest, this wasn’t my thing from the start. But there is a bigger chance for me to give you 5 minutes than half an hour.

Then again, maybe fans of this series strongly disagrees.

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I think I liked this Worth Playing more than the others....and I really want to try out that Glitchhikers

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The added production value is a nice touch, and I'm glad to see Worth Playing back in any format.

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Getting some Kentucky Route Zero vibes off that Glitchhikers game.

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I really like this format, it's relaxing and informative! It even makes me a little more interested in the games by only seeing glimpses and having that spliced alongside gameplay of other games i know really helps. Really good editing on this one Patrick, another great feature.

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I actually much prefer this new format. It gave me a much more tangible sense of what the game actually is as a whole, instead of just watching you stumble through in on your own. Also I very much like to hear your lasting thoughts/impressions on games as I find these most valuable, which is really hard to get a grasp on in the old format.

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I really enjoyed the new approach to this video. Can't wait for more!

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Seeing both of these games gave me another reason to be really excited for Oculus Rift/Morpheus. I really want to experience some great abstract, trippy gameplay in a VR setting.

I liked this video essay format for Worth Playing. It nicely presents Worth Playing as being a curated experience of games and experiences further off the beaten path. It also highlights Patrick's editorial voice, which I think is one of his biggest strengths. Sometimes the quick look format sacrifices video quality for quantity, so having a feature like this really complements the site's other offerings.

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Awesome worth playing dude. I really had no issues with the previous style but this one is good. In the end I suppose what ever is most comfortable for you to do (since you do these often) is what my vote goes for.

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Great experiment, Patrick!

  • I really liked the edited and scripted nature of the video, much as I liked the other one or two video essays you've done. It allows for a greater sense of what the game is about.
  • Many times in Worth Playing it seemed that you would play one game at the expense of the others you were showing, causing you to cram the other games in quickly toward the back half of the feature. This format prevents that.
  • The length feels a little short for my tastes. I enjoyed it when you would look at a few different games, rather than just one or two.
  • I'll admit, I do miss the off-the-cuff commentary a bit.

A little while back, you had toyed with the idea of picking a particular type of game each week for Worth Playing and showcasing a few games of that type. I think combining that idea with this format would make for a good experiment? Or as above, but spend 5 minutes with each game, recorded in the same fashion as the "old" Worth Playing (with the face cam and commentary), then edit them into a video. Call it Worth Playing - Five Minutes With: Roguelikes (or whatever the game type is for the week)

There's no reason Worth Playing has to keep the same style from week to week, either. Having two or three different styles of video to present the content in from week to week might keep both you and your audience from getting burned out.

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With the previous format I would often say to myself "No! Patrick keep playing!". This format gives an extended explanation of how the game plays; more please. Also if you can manage it, PLEASE spotlight a developer in this same way. I would love to see a look at one developer or small studio and the games they make.

Thanks @patrickklepek!

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Glitchhikers seems like the other half of Hotline Miami.

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Not the biggest fan of the format, though it's hard to say after just one show.

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I think Worth Playing would benefit from a live format, personally. An audience could work both as a gauge to determine the pacing if things drag on, and also as an alternative source for finding games that may fly under the radar.

Maybe turn WP into a live monthly feature rather than a weekly series. Worth Reading could direct people to these indie games initially and at the end of the month you could recap the collection on the air while other Giant Bomb members have had the change to play them and share their experiences collectively. just a suggestion.

I enjoyed the pacing of the video, didn't feel like it was wasting my time, but it also felt like it didn't represent the games very well. In the first game it was hard to tell if the transition in the "series of visions" were from within the game or a jump cut that poorly represented the game's pacing and flow.

I will say, i appreciate that Patrick is willing to experiment to find a better format if he recognizes a problem with a current format.

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I enjoyed the new format, it is nice to have something scripted interspersed with all of the off-the-cuff material.