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I love the amount of content you're putting out these days.

That Glitch game made me feel physically uncomfortable. I guess it comes from being given just enough visual information to know that you're in a 3D world with platforms to jump on and a bottomless pit to fall into but not much more than that. A neat concept for sure but I wouldn't want to even try that thing on the Oculus Rift.

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Love these.

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Man, he's productive!

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This is an awesome feature you've got going here, Patrick.

Keep up the great work!

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Yaaay - love the feature patrick. Thanks for keeping it up.

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All these games look like stuff Patrick drew himself.

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Less than...

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<15 = less than 15.

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Hey man, hold my beer.

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Hey guys developer on Particulars here. If you're interested, you can check out more about the game on our greenlight page.

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If it makes you feel better, the Glitch game really doesn't work on the Rift properly. The shaders just aren't designed for 3d.

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Goddamn I love all this awesome content you've been putting out Scoops! Almost went premium to watch Spookin but then I remembered only have like 2 bucks in the bank at the moment, damn.

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Particulars is supported by the NSW Government?

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I think the game you called "Low Battery" is something else, as Low Battery was on another video?

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Is anyone else bothered by how crooked the headphones seem to sit on Patrick's head sometimes?

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What was the name of that game that Patrick was trying to compare to Glitch that Jeff played on Unprofessional Fridays? I remember it was a first person game as well that was mostly black, white, and gray visuals.

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The Demo is dead! part 1 and part 2, and I understand where he's coming from.

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Do you honestly feel all of these games are worth playing, Patrick?

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Glitch looks neat.

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Another lot of interesting stuff. Glitch seems to share a lot of similarities with Memories of a Broken Dimension, in terms of looking completely messed up.

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Drink My Beer would be way more interesting then Hold My Beer.

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These videos along with Unpro Fridays start my Saturday morning work shift every week and I LOVE THEM!

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"Look on man, you earned this."

Perfect line, Kleptok.

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These are always great and funny. Ludum Dare has let for some very silly games especially like Low Battery.

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@patrickklepek I appreciate the Soul Reaver callout, I also am saddened that there still isn't another one. (I wouldn't have mind that weird far-future sequel that got canned, although what I want is the completion of the Defiance/LoK storyline)

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That first guy that twerked on Brad. Too funny!

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I never noticed it before but now I can't un-notice it. Thanks! :P

Is anyone else bothered by how crooked the headphones seem to sit on Patrick's head sometimes?

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Keep particle count <15. Not sure how that could be more straight forward? I still like you.

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Glitch seemed like an interesting concept but even just watching the game made me feel ill and uncomfortable. If I played that through an Oculus Rift I think my mind would melt

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@theotherbelmont: That game is "Memory of a Broken Dimension". It's pretty brain-hurty in a terrific way.

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Everything about Particulars reminds me of Osmos.

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anyone remember the unprofessional friday eps where Jeff type in /dive and the screen goes mad?

the thing patrick was referring to while playing glitch

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I'm going to jump on the Glitch game train and say, "holy crap that game hurt my brain, I feel like I need to go to the eye doctor to see if any permanent damage was done."