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Spiders make me very uncomfortable.

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That image makes me very uncomfortable.

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brainzzz??? I have to know what spider he's talking about :P

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I find it amusing that Patrick projects himself on characters with curly hair.

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Is Patrick actually seeing everything in greyscale :(

EDIT: I should be more patient about these things.

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Seriously play The Swapper... seriously.

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The rock guy that ate you in Life Goes On is a collectible...

When I spoke to the guys who made it at PAX prime, they wanted a collectible, but they also wanted to keep with the death theme, so they figured it should probably kill you when you collected it. :P

As a cool side note, the teams were recording death "screams" at their PAX prime booth as well, people were screaming into a sound tube and they were recording them for use in the game. I recorded 2 myself.

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These are awesome videos, but man do they show how desperately much of the indie community needs to branch out and do more than rehash 20 year old platformers. Sheesh.

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Was "Life Goes On" made in the Trials track editor?

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I thank you for once again calling out The Swapper. It's one of the best puzzle games since Portal and it's criminal how overlooked it's become.

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Thank fucking God someone's remaking Metal Warriors.

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But today is Friday September 27?

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Life goes on seems pretty fun. Probably gonna check it out.

And man, the last game's art, is not for me. Makes me weirdly uncomfortable just looking at it.

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Eldrich seems okay but I can't help but ding it for the fact that it seems a lot less stressful than actually mining in a dark cave in Minecraft. Now that's scary.

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The music in Blood Alloy is greeeaaaat.

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Steel Strider looks great!

I played The Swapper. One of the puzzles in Metaphysics game me a little trouble because of some of the tight placements. Other than that it was pretty good. Fun ending. Just a great atmosphere and really cool visual effects.

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That mechanical spider is gonna get it.

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These are pretty cool features. Thanks Patrick.

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I was more confused about how I beat Pixel Being than I was when I was actually playing it. If that makes sense.

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@patrickklepek If you liked Steel Strider, you should get into Cybernator for the SNES, or also known under its Japanese name, Assault Suits Valken. One of my favourite SNES games.

It was a sequel of sorts to Target Earth for Sega Genesis, which I believe Jeff did a Bombastica video for.

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I love how Patrick tries to use that pipe on every object and then he gets to the puzzle where it actually goes and outright says, "I don't have the piece for this." He realized later on, but it was funny.

EDIT: For the record, if any of y'all want to check that game out but have an aversion to "pixel hunting," you can hit the tab key and go through everything on the screen that can be interacted with (unfortunately includes the menu buttons too, but still worth noting).

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Like this videos a lot.

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I got past the blue thing in Pixel Being but I have no idea how. Whatever I did didn't work with the rainbow thing on the right, and then I got a zoom mechanic.

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Yeah, The Swapper is really good.

The puzzles are challenging but fair, and the game has learned the lesson to keep puzzles contained, so there isn't any puzzle that has like 5 or 6 stages with a bunch of moving parts. The solution for each puzzle is ultimately simple, you just have to be able to see it.

The music is fantastic. The way the game unfurls the story is neat (though use a walkthrough to find the unnecessarily well hidden logs that actually explain a bunch of the backstory). The way all of the environments are meant to be made out of claymation/everyday objects recalls how special effects were done in the 50s to 80s, something like a combination of Star Wars and Ray Harryhausen's The 7th Voyage of Sinbad, and it's really cool. I love how the astronaut design is reminiscent of the Mercury era of astronauts.

It's such a great game. It deserves to be right up there alongside Portal and Antichamber.

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@loafking said:

Seriously play The Swapper... seriously.

Played it but haven't finished it. Just tell me this: Is the story that your character is a clone of the woman you're following around?