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I'm set.

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yep, get my fix

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oh right, this feature!

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Some interesting games this week. thanks!

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Heavy Bullets could really use some music.

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Heavy Bullets looks promising. It seems like there's a lot of first-person shooter rogue-like like like like like lites recently.

About the third game: the problem I have with 'hand-drawn' graphics is that they tend to come across as looking unfinished/unpolished - sadly, this is no exception (particularly the clouds).

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Thanks Scoops!

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A good set of games

Posted by fuzzypumpkin

Shoot the green box next to the robot Patrick.

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Outland was cool, but they have no plans to release it on PC as they should have. They barely promoted it when it released. I think it was a victim of the PSN hack as well.

I want Double Dragon Neon as well on PC.

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Another cool entry, last game seems like it could be pretty cool.

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You kept missing the key in the bathroom in Lakeview cabin...

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Tomorrow's video is out Today!

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HOW DID HE NOT SEE THE KEY???? oh my god

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I wonder how these do views wise, the comments are always pretty small compared to other features.

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Anything Patrick forgets we gotta do #scoopskey

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oh god damnit. stupid key.

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Lakeview Cabin reminds me that the only games willing to take on full frontal (especially male) nudity are indie games, apparently. A shame.

That reminds me, @patrickklepek, did you see they're apparently remaking Sleepaway Camp? I find it hard to believe it would have the same ending... At least with that much, uh. Detail.

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I did not see the key either until I read these comments.

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I feel like replacing the alien sprite in Awakening with Simba would make it the best Lion King game ever.

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God damn, that last game is beautiful. What are you even playing as? An alien ape or something? Also, yes, Outland was an awesome game that no one played. Same for The Swapper. I am proud to say that I played and loved both.

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Liking all three games this week. Heavy Bullets is the one I'm most drawn to though.

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+1 for lengthier play time and fewer games!

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As the developers were quick to point out to me, it's actually pronounced "arooo"s awakening. As in a howling dog.

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I didn't know Aaru's Awakening had a demo out, thanks for featuring it Patrick!

Is that girl in Lakeview Cabin pregnant, or just fat?

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@5figh said:

I wonder how these do views wise, the comments are always pretty small compared to other features.

I think a lot of people just watch the video embedded into Worth Reading. That's my guess as to why the video page itself doesn't have as much views.

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This is a great set of games this week. Really liked all three of them.

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Scare away the undead wife with your nudeness.

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Hi Patrick!

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Full frontal male nudity? I approve! :D

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@fuzzypumpkin: seriously, this. i have never played that game and i instantly picked up on the fact that he needs to shoot the green box next to the robot to kill it. it's literally plugged into it like its a power supply or something. sometimes i wonder if patrick actually plays video games

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Heavy Bullets looked dope; seemed like a Suda 51 joint.

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It seemed really obvious that Patrick should be depositing his money in the ATM since he was dying constantly. The life insurance just seems like a fallback in case you die before putting all your money in an ATM.

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Camp Sleepaway? Hehe, Sleepaway Camp.