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Posted by Kem2000

Woop! Love these segments from Patrick :)

Posted by Acoustic

Man, Asslevania is a total mockery to the franchise. Holy shit, that was horribly bad.

Posted by Kem2000


Yea, isn't it by people from Newgrounds? I recognise the voice from Tankmen. The majority of their humour I find terrible.

Edited by Milkman

Fuck that first game.

Edited by Acoustic

@kem2000 said:


Yea, isn't it by people from Newgrounds? I recognise the voice from Tankmen. The majority of their humour I find terrible.

Seems like it, yeah. At first, I didn't recognize it. It's been YEARS since I last went on Newgrounds.
I think I outgrew that crap. With a few exceptions, It's just not funny.

Posted by shadowdrone

Man, that first game, urgh. But the other two made up for it in completely different yet awesome ways!

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Posted by megafat

Holy crap, Terrordrome is amazing. It also looks exactly how I would want a fighting game in the arcade to look like.

Posted by divergence

not worth playing?

Posted by EuanDewar

Don't know why you bothered with that first game. I would hope Worth Playing would have games that are Worth Playing.

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Is pumpkinhead just a repainted xenomorph?

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Jason to good. Needs a Nerf. #nerfjason

Posted by ThunderSlash


Posted by Bombzinski

I demand a Terrordome segment on Unproffessional Friday.

Posted by Bombzinski

Damnit Patrick you're supposed to zone with Pinhead c'mon.

Posted by cooljammer00

Oh boy, you pick up a game like Asslevania: Symphony of the Butt and expect the humor to be better than that.

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I think "Alright you emo chode face!" can be the new "Horse, meet rider."

Posted by MediumDave

Holy Christ, that first game. Uggggghhhh.

Posted by MrSpaceMan

oh my god!

Posted by Edmundus

I demand a Terrordome segment on Unproffessional Friday.

Seconded, that would be hilarious.

Posted by pingolobo

I am totally playing terrordome

Edited by jacobgray

That Asslevania game clearly says it's made in 2014. How did you get it? Patrick, are you a warlock?

Posted by ArbitraryWater

Wait, you would expect a game called "Asslevania" to not have really horrible, cringe-inducing attempts at humor?

Posted by pepperypoon

Jason with the timerscam

Posted by TheTerribleFamiliar

@acoustic: Right? The title alone is enough to make me uninterested. Who thinks it's a good idea to parody a classic title with negativity instead of homage? Gameplay looks rote as well. Pass.

Posted by kippers

Did someone at some point actually laugh at the thought of 'Asslevania: Symphony of the Butt'. Like...Does that bad 'humour' really exist in our world? Holy crap. Well done to @patrickklepek for sticking with it for 8 minutes.

Posted by MildMolasses

Asslevania makes that Ninja Gaiden Z game look like Blazing Saddles in comparison

Posted by FoxMulder

Jason. Jason? JASON!

Posted by scottygrayskull

Thank you for reminding me how infuriating it can be to watch someone play a puzzle game. :3

Posted by ICantBeStopped

You don't decide if a game is worth playing before you put it in this feature?

Edited by BisonHero

I blame Family Guy for impressing upon a generation of teens/20-something that "The main character is incredibly stupid, get it?" is sufficient to make a comedy.

I love how Terrordrome just has tense horror music playing for the entirety of the match.

Posted by Icecreamjones

Terrordrome really does a good job at capturing what it would have been like if the horror movie companies teamed up in the mid 90s to make a janky cheap mortal kombat knockoff. I approve of this.

Posted by Twisted

I thought that opening bit of Asslevania was alright, even though Patrick had already started to show his disdain for it. I had to agree as soon as that emo chode face line hit though. Jesus.

Posted by Clapmaster

Oh man I was laughing my ass so hard at the Terrordrome part when Patrick gets his ass whooped by Jason and then fuckin Jason just says fuck it and leaves. My dog was just staring at me like shut the hell up. lmao!!

Posted by YummyTreeSap

I was totally on board with Asslevania until it started doing everything it did. I'm perfectly fine with dumb humor and poop jokes when it's executed well (see: Don't Shit Your Pants), but this game was just an abomination. Newgrounds is a wilderness; there have been many great games dumped in there, but then there's that kind of fucking goddamn puerile nonsense. We're not over that particular brand of condescending Internet humor that was popular when I was in middle school thirteen years ago? The game's creator's profile page says that he's 31. Fucking 31, and he makes that game. Frigging hell, guys. I don't even want to humanity anymore.

Posted by gorapan

Watching Patrick play puzzle games is painful.

Posted by fisk0

You don't decide if a game is worth playing before you put it in this feature?

that confuses me too, I thought it would be an addition to Worth Reading, where I assume he reads all the articles he links to before compiling and posting the list of articles he thinks we should read.

Jumping blindly into a bunch of games is better suited for quick looks, unprofessional fridays or spookin' with scoops, the title of this feature implies that there's been a selection process and that these are indeed a series of games that we should check out that we may have missed out on otherwise.

Posted by Pezen

Oh man, Terrordrome looks amazing. I love the music and sound design and feels like the characters are recreated with some amount of respect. As someone growing up on a lot of those movies, I still can't really see the appeal of the guy from Scream, never saw that as a really scary or powerful horror figure. For my money, they could have taken him out and put in Pennywise instead. But that's just me.

Posted by AKTANE

@edmundus: Third.... TERRORDROME ON FRIDAY!!

Posted by MrMazz

Terrordome Scrub League PLEASE

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Maybe the problem with Terrordome is that you were using the analog stick and not that the game's bad...

Posted by Ghost_Cat

That first game was.... Gross. Immediately skipped that part.

Posted by steelerzfan101

Asslevania was just depressing to watch...and why was it Worth Playing?

Posted by YellowTube2


Edited by Draxyle

Ugh, that first game. I even recognize the voice as from a flash animator from years back, and while his humor was crass, it was usually framed around something a little more clever than this.

Edited by JJOR64

I've know about Terrordrome for yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaars. Glad it's getting some spotlight on GB.

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