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Hey Patrick have yourself some good holidays!

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Merry Christmas everyone!

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@patrickklepek : did you consider that in "Remember the Fallen" the narrative is that there is no last flower, so you are searching for a way to remember them, but cannot honor anyone. Or that in searching for a way to remember the fallen you are in fact, remembering them?

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Keep up the good work, Patrick! You're doing an awesome job, and even working remotely, you're putting out such great content! Hope you feel better!

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Santa Claus !!! Santa Claus!!! That game is annoying. Well anyway happy holidays

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Thanks Patrick!!!!!

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Thanks Patrick! Have a very happy holiday!!!

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Thank you for the entertainment nearly very week! Happy Holidays to you as well!

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Them games look nice.

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You died 10 timtes.

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Wait what. Walking Dead Game Jam? Is that weirdly specific for game jams or is that just ordinary?

BTW. Merry holidays to ya Patrick

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Haha, nice Silent Night, Deadly Night description.

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Silent Night Deadly Night?

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Wait what. Walking Dead Game Jam? Is that weirdly specific for game jams or is that just ordinary?

BTW. Merry holidays to ya Patrick

Yes, usually game jams are not franchise specific, or at least this is the first one I seen.

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Trust on Patrick for delivering a constant stream of content on this site, thanks Scoops :D.

and, of course, happy holidays

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You can't fool me, there ain't no sanity clause

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Hey, Grail taught me a brand new word; timtes. Have no idea what it means though...

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I hope everyone has an awesome Christmas holiday! Patrick thanks for the content today. Getting a little dry with all the GOTY awards in the waiting.

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Santa Claus!? Santa Claaaaaaaus!!!!

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I can't tell if the typo at the end of Grail is intentional or not

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The skipping ahead bit was KINDA brilliant

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I friggin love both Merry Gear Solid games. Beat em both. Amazing for being a 100% free game. Thanks for reminding me about them Patrick!

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That "Santa Claus...Santa Claaaauuus!" line is driving me the fuck insane.

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Do I smell a Silent Night, Deadly Night reference?

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Fun fact! Merry Gear Solid is a series by the same guy who did the original Jaykin' Bacon Half Life mod.

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The Silent Night, Deadly Night quote has convinced me to subscribe to this website. My God.

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found the last flower. It just then fades to white, and plays a tune, and has the game title. It was just lying out in the open on the right hand side towards the back (if you start from where the graves are).

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I more or less have that same shirt. Kohls?

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I hate children now. Thanks Patrick.

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Patrick, thanks for doing what you do. Happy Holidays.

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The fast-forward bit was pretty funny. Merry Christmas, everyone. Thanks for all the good times, Patrick.

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For the record, Ludum Dare's theme was you only get one. It seems a bit strange of Patrick not to mention that, given its importance in giving context to the game he showed off.

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Santa.. Saantaa ..SANTAAAAA lol classic. Omoshiroi dayo ^.^; Snaku suki!!

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Haha could have been "Metal Gear Santa".. that was legit.. Haha this gives me a little more motivation to play through MGS3 > MG > MG2 > MGS1.

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Merry Christmas Patrick, have really enjoyed this segment over the last year.

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This just made me realize that I should really change my Codec ring tone before MGS V comes out.

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I haven't watched one of these in a while, but I've always enjoyed them in the past. Great content as always Patrick. Happy Holidays!

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If you're soliciting suggestions, I would love a list of games and timestamps below the video.

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Happy Holidays!

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metal gear claus