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Posted by AllanIceman
Posted by sfighter21

Blood.  Awesome.

Posted by spilledmilkfactory

i feel like i really must get this game for some reason. what can i say, guess i'm a blood and gore fanatic, and this game just looks rediculous to boot. seems like it doesn't take itself too serisouly, which is pretty cool.

Posted by Kayrack

yeah not really suprised here, but its a game worth a cheaper price tag than the current one :S

Posted by Trnck

I demand more video reviews!

Posted by TheDarkVoid

yeeeeay! Finally a VIDEO REVIEW! WE WANT MORE!

Posted by Arjuna

Been awhile since I've seen a video review!  Understandeable; what with the lack of high-profile releases this time of year.

Posted by turbomonkey138

dun dun CHA

Posted by MachoFantastico

Nice Review Ryan, please do more Video Reviews.

There brilliant!
Posted by OllyOxenFree

I lol'd at the ongoing blabbering dude.  Talking from the grave, heh.

Posted by Gnubberen

Btw I can totally recommend the Pc version.. if you have an okay PC that can handle unreal engine 3, then you will get a much better framerate than the console versions...

Posted by Eric_Buck

Putting guys heads in helicopter blades is pretty bad ass.

Posted by Zereta

Da dum...CHA!

<3 Giantbomb
Posted by Aaron_G

I like video reviews.

Posted by rokkis

Nice video review. Keep them coming :)

Posted by fraser

I hate it when people say this to suck up on Giant Bomb, and I've never been inclined to say it before, but that was a seriously well written and thought out review.

Nice oooooooone

Posted by tanline

is it just me, or did this video review seem a little more scripted that normal?? bring back that loose but professiona feeling!!!

other than that, nice to see these back :D

Posted by BolognaSoup

Looks like Wolverine and Nariko would be a match on eHarmony.

Posted by Nets

A video review? Am I dreaming? Surprisingly, this game looks better than most movie tie-in games. May rent it.

Posted by chilipeppersman

very cool. i like more video reviews. game looks sick

Posted by Moeez

Epic glitch at the end, haha! He's talking from beyond the GRAVE!

Posted by sublime90

lol at the end where the conversation kept going on long after you killed that guy. thats pretty sloppy Raven. good to see a new video review.

Posted by darkjester74

Huzzah!  We asked for a vid review and thats what we got!  You guys are awesome!  GB > ALL

Posted by Multifire

This review is so much more professional than gamespot's.

Posted by brighteye007

OH NO!!!
You didnt put an age restriction on this video review, now young kids will see blood and freak out ,take their guns and shoot up a school ....or something.
.......according to Jack T.

myself, im just...MEH, in case i want some awesome violence i just watch crank 1,2 and "shoot em up" again.

Posted by Media_Master

Hugh Jackman: "Wow...I'm doing all that!! Not even the movie allows me to do THAT!"

Posted by foxhound421

this game looks SO much better than the movie. the demo was good and i'll be picking this up as soon as it drops to that  $40 price-point. a beat-em-up just isn't worth $60 to me anymore.

Posted by MasterChief360

a long wait for a Giantbomb video review, welcome back.

Posted by CitizenKane

Looks like a great rental, but not a good buy,  Maybe in the bargain bin in a few months.

Posted by chamin1
First video review in ages. WE WANT MORE VIDEO REVIEWS, thank ya very much.
Posted by Vampire_Chibi


Posted by LiK

this game was awesome, loved it.

Posted by popmasterruler

"Wolverine is all about murderin' fools"
Damn right,and as we all know Mr.T pities the fools.

Posted by doe3879

I suddenly feel like playing this game agian

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