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Post E3 content?? Whole new world

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Yay! Content!

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Posted By Toug

I actually need to buy a 360 sometime in the future, so I was pretty bummed that this thing is the same price.

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I thought Giant Bomb didn't do unboxing videos...

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@fulcilivez: This is a Youtube quality post right here.

You couldn't believe your luck when you saw that no one had posted yet, huh? And yet you were still too slow.

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Unboxing video's. I'm not going to complain about any content that is put up (since it gets more and more sparse.) But didn't they make a point to mock other sites for doing unboxing stuff?

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Why won't someone think of all the component gamers?

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I prefer the S. Except for the fake buttons.

But at least it's not as bad as that most recent PS3 redesign.

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Wait, this is the same price as the S? I thought that was the whole reasoning behind the redesign.

Either way, it feels a little late in the life cycle to be picking up a 360 if you still don't have one. Although I guess Mattrick's whole spiel about offline gamers "having the Xbox 360" happened, didn't it?

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for the love of Christ, get an image stabilized camera!!!!!!

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I find it really fucking stupid that it's the same price. it should be like 200 dollars. They could at least do some price drops on the S model.

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Fixit went through this one, it's like the S only a tiny tiny bit smaller - still got a sick lot of empty space and open air in it. I would love to see what MS could do if they had the kind of engineers Apple and Sony have, you must see the new Mac Pro if you think this kind and the open-chassis kind of gearporn is hot.

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I thought Giant Bomb didn't do unboxing videos...

No idea where you got that impression.






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Is there no sound in this for anyone else? Both this and the youtube video are mute, even after messing with the settings

*edit* nevermind, speakers got unplugged

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Giant Bomb e.

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@hassun said:

I prefer the S.

But at least it's not as bad as that most recent PS3 redesign.

I really liked the most recent PS3 slim, I kinda regretted having already purchased the previous slim when I saw that one. No risk of the drive suddenly swallowing one of your discs when it's a manual top loader, also, it looked like a Sony Pressman Cassette-Corder, which is pretty awesome in itself.

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I miss patrick :(

Or rather i WILL miss patrick in the office, very soon!

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Have fun at dinner.

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Posted By Vuud

La Bombe Géante

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Oh man, please don't tear open plastic bags right next to a microphone!

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Looks nice and fits with the styling of the XBOne, might grab one when the price is a bit more attractive so I can have a backup console.

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"The last good Microsoft console"

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"are we saying that there is no Component connection?"

If only there was some sort of book or something that came with the system that they could have looked at.

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The 360 has the same opportunity to become this generation's PS2. If MS would drop the price to $99 (with a hard drive) then it will fly off the shelves. It's probably inevitable but why not do it now?

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This makes sense if they're gonna significantly reduce the price, but why the hell did it launch at this current price? That's so dumb! And I'll bet (knowing next to nothing about hardware engineering myself, admittedly) that in the hands of Sony or Apple engineers, this thing could be like, a third the size. I mean, aren't the newest, bleeding-edge smartphones about as powerful as a 360 at this point? I mean, I know that's active vs. passive cooling, and the 360 needs a fan, but still.

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Posted By VikG

I'm disappointed that it doesn't actually look that much smaller than the S console, but this should allow for a more aggressive pricing policy later this year (or January 2014) when the PS3 super slim also should drop in price.

The big problem with Microsoft hardware revisions compared to Sony's, is that they just don't know how to or cannot stop wasting space inside the case, the main cause being that damn Lite On dvd drive imho :-/

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Seriously you still have to buy your own damn HD cables?

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wow, the new Xbox!~

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So what's audio out like? I'm currently using a dongle thing on an Elite (this) to hook into external speakers with RCA cables. Will I be able to do that with the SCART connection that comes in the box while using HDMI?

This is important. I'm due for an upgrade to make sure my Xbox lasts...the disc tray has started acting up and it's kind of noisy. Only had it for a few years too.

EDIT: Whoa, my "BOMB" shirt doesn't say Giant Bomb on the back. Lame!

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Jeff did the same thing to the original ps3 when they first opened it, fat hand print on the glossy part. hah

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Posted By MeatSim

Come on price drop. I still have a fat original 360.

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@ntm said:

That price is way too much, no matter what version of 360 it is. Furthermore, not that it's all that different, but I still use the white 360 controllers. I've never had the black one. The only time I've ever held the black ones was when I went over to my cousins house. I'm not asking this as if no one still uses it, but who still uses AV cables?

People who record things from their Xbox's (HDMI has some kind of DRM spec thingymabob in it that prevents recording, iirc), and people like me who still have their launch era 360s. Mine doesn't have an HDMI port. Unrelated: It sounds like a jet airplane taking off in my room every time I turn it on.

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Somebody in MS marketing really thought putting "250GB" is somehow an incentive to BUY that thing?

I am buying 3 TB HDD drives almost weekly for my PC these days.

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Hey guys...we are releasing a new $500 console this fall. In preparation for the big event, please go buy... our new old console for $300? Only $100 less than the PS4 will be like 5 months from now?

Yeah, no thanks.

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Glad to see I wasn't foolish in purchasing an S-model last year, though it does mostly just collect dust.

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This is so stupid it's not even noticeably smaller.

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Posted By IroncladMerc

I just put a 1 TB drive in my PS3. Downloaded pretty much my whole IGC, still 750 GB space left on it. And they put only a paltry 250 GB on this?

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Would of been nicer with a price drop.

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I'll wait for the Xbox 360 Type R.

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Know what would've been better than a slightly updated model? A price drop.

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@jz said:

Seriously you still have to buy your own damn HD cables?

Seriously. An HDMI cable costs $5 on Amazon, which means it costs what, like a $1 wholesale? Ridiculous that you still have to buy your own.

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This is without a doubt the most superfluous console redesign ever. No price drop, no functionality changes, no architecture changes. Just. Why?

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@mrsmiley: I already have some HDMI cables, but still those three wires are like three middle fingers.