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That's...amazing...Can't wait...

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like it . All my facebook friends now on my xbox

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I might actually make a Facebook now.

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This is nuts.

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Hey, more features cant hurt. Even if I personally aren't going to use it.

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Oh maybe Ill actually use my Facebook now... maybe...

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I like the subtle homestar reference in there.  ARE YOU ASKING FOR A CHALLENGE?

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Whoa! What is that new black bar hanging out underneath the TV?! Did they announce some kind of motion Wii-like thing?

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Where is the sexy girl from the "guild" ??

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Needs more Felicia Day trying not to shit her pants on stage.

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Felicia Day not included, results may vary

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I don't even use Facebook but this looks like a good reason to start.  Now all that's left is for M$ to drop the price on their chat pad to a reasonable price.

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They just keep piling on new features don't they.

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Another reason why Facebook is better (or is going to better than MySpace).  I was expecting Twitter integration but Facebook totally caught me off guard.

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Unnecessary, but I will welcome it.

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I love doing my twittering and checking my facebook on xbox exatly the right place for it!!! My phone will be useless now. Just incase the sarcasm isn't oozing out.....i'm being sarcastic.......

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Dude, sweet!

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Popbox 360, maybe i´m just too stupid to adopt these new internet and mainstream trends. But this to me is just useless garbage, i totally respect the people who wants to use this and do currently use it on a daily basis. I just dont understand why we need this on a gaming console.

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Twitter seems kind of useless but Facebook is great. It's the path consoles were inevitably going to take. I love that you can link your gamertag with your profile... I don't have to awkwardly ask people if they have xbox live now.

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It's too bad Facebook is pretty much dead already.
It's great they come up with new features, it sucks that they can't make them worth shit.

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Remember back when consoles used to be about video games?

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Yet another feature I'm going to have to disable on my 360.

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kind of predictable, next will be twitter  :p

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@uskomaton: FB dead?????? maybe where ur from but its as strong as ever in the UK
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@pornstorestiffi: You don't NEED it on a console. You don't NEED a console in the first place, you'll get along in life just fine without one. It's just a feature that people can choose to use, or not, as they see fit
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This is pointless, I play my 360 for the games, if I wanted to check fakebook I'd go on my laptop.

Total Failure from MS there.

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Yes and you don´t NEED a car and you don´t NEED a house. All i´m saying is, i bought my consoles to play games on, thats why i bought them in the first place, just like i did my Amiga 500, SNES and so on and so on. 

The way things are going consoles might as well just become PC´s. 

And still as i wrote before i respect that its there, i´m not going to use it though, that doesn't mean that you shouldn't use it. I just understand how and why consoles has gone this route.

I´m sorry for being old fashioned and a retard, i did not mean to offend anyone who uses any of these social services.
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This is one of the less interesting features from MS this year, for me.

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Don't care about Facebook.

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meah! i'd rather tweet on my iphone. at least parents can see what there kids are tweeting or facebooking about.

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@pornstorestiffi: No dude, you DO need a house, shelter is the second most important thing on the hierachy of needs. Lots of people probably need cars for their job too, which links to the most important thing in the hierachy of needs - sustenance, no money = no food.

Games consoles are brilliant and enriching, but they are not necessary for life, just as their additional features are not necessary to enjoy them, but they can enrich them
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I like!

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Where the hell is the HOTMAIL integration?? Fuckin A... Yes, it has messenger, but it REALLy should have email.

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Is this really where MS is spending our XBL subscription fee?


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Facebook was good, til my managers & co-workers decided to hook into my account. Having to censor myself sucks!  I'm not sure showing off an Xbox 360 persona would be good for my RL image, unfortunately.

Twitter...?? I guess I could let everyone know when I'm having a bowel movement.

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That's pretty freakin' cool.  Facebook on Xbox 360... just the coolest in the whole wide world.  I don't use Twitter though.

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Well I get the impression Facebook is alot bigger over here in the UK... all my friends are addicted to that thing. I don't quite see the point of this or the Twitter feature, but at the same time, I totally welcome it. Any new feature is fine with me.

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I was not expecting Facebook or Twitter integration. Pretty nice and all, I'll welcome the new features. Though I'm not so sure if I would be able to use them fully without a textpad.

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won't be bothering with this feature just more dashboard clutter imo

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This and are awesome ideas. Can't wait.

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what would be really great is spotify integration instead of :)

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@wazp said:
" what would be really great is spotify integration instead of :) "
Isn't spotify linked to though? :o

@smokeH said:
" kind of predictable, next will be twitter  :p "
Psst, twitter was in the video already.

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@Azteck said:
Isn't spotify linked to though? :o

No, the only connection between the two is that you can scrobble to from spotify, but other than that they have no connection. Two different companies and two different techniques.
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So does it play games still?