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Posted by Nerdware

So excited that these are up!!

Posted by Bicycle_Repairman

Beep Beep!

Posted by Apollo11

Beep beep!

Posted by kineticflow

Beep beep!

Posted by Rhombus_Of_Terror

Beep Beep!

Posted by Tetraphagia

Beep beep!

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Great stream, gonna catch up with the parts I missed live.

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They're gunna be good this year. Today it was announced our star player is out for another year. Doh.

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Poor monkey...

Posted by Animasta

beep beep, richie

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"The Bulls are gonna be really good this year...." - Patrick

Poor Chicago, Rose is out for the season AGAIN. Thats some truly bad luck.

Posted by SovietofBears

Uh oh - careful guys :)

Posted by UberExplodey

beep beep

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This is the part I've been waiting for.

Beep beep

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This is probably the only part you need to watch. Except for a few highlights (Bomception) This was a pretty boring launch stream. Then they finally found something fun (Zoo Tycoon).

And spraying down that bear with a hose was HOT AS FUCK!

Posted by MEATBALL
Posted by joshua1prince19212

I won a day one edition Xbone at the launch line up at the Best Buy in my City. I wasn't even there to buy the Xbox. I was just hanging with a friend who was standing in the snow and rain by himself cause I had nothing else to do that night and I had heard there was a contest to win one. Bought Dead Rising 3 and a year of live after I won it. Great console so far, but the UI was kinda weird right after the big update from the start

Posted by tiara

vinny being barney the bear is the best

Posted by Draxyle

If you told me that the Tycoon guys were making Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 on the Xbox One, that might actually shake some needles for me; it's about time, the right time, for one of those again.

Posted by Y2Ken

Zoo Tycoon was genuinely my favourite thing from both launch lineups. Wasn't expecting that until I actually saw it. And I'm not just saying that because of the incredible coverage; it seems like a fantastic game.

Posted by patrickklepek

@cigaro said:

"The Bulls are gonna be really good this year...." - Patrick

Poor Chicago, Rose is out for the season AGAIN. Thats some truly bad luck.

I am cursed.

Posted by james_alderete1


Posted by pepperypoon

Dat bear interaction!

Posted by Jasoncourt

Nope, not playing Zelda or Mario. I've been doing that for 30 years ...I'M DONE with the same ol Nintendo franchises. Until they put there efforts toward NEW franchises (they can still be "cute" or 'old-schoolish' if they want) I will not play another Nintendo platform.

Posted by civid

@patrickklepek there was 4 Anaconda movies and David Hazzelhof is in the third one. It's fucking awfull

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Brad: "Non-gamers, like my dad, should buy the XBone."

Posted by ShaggE

Had an empathetic cringe moment when Brad gave Ian the business for fucking with the controls.

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Drew reading that NBA Live 14 apology letter...


@patrickklepek I felt you were alone on pimping Rise of the Planet of the Apes, but yeah that was an awesome movie.

Posted by BigDre

I can't stop shouting 'Zoo Fame!' at work.

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EA in it's best Full Metal Jacket Drill Sargent voice;

'You will Learn! I will teach You!'.

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Where's the Internet?

Posted by Rodiard

We need an Unprofessional Fridays segment where Giant Bomb plays 4-player co-op Zoo Tycoon. Summon four buggies at once and get them to crash into each other, and other hijinks.

Posted by InternetDetective

@rodiard: have you seen how hard it is to get multiplayer to work on an xbox one? also i heard xbox ones burst into flame and bans you from xbox live if you drop an f-bomb as it eats your disc so be careful Giantbomb community I am afraid for your safetys.

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I can't wait for the launch of the PS5! See you guys then!

Posted by BBOYS2231

Half way down the snake road: "Aww damn, forgot something. Be RIGHT BACK!"

Posted by Lifendz

Patrick is such a fake sports fan. Wear that 8 bit Bears shirt some more

Posted by phantom_3d

best game on xbox zoo tycoon who would thought that be case

Posted by Quid_Pro_Bono

@shagge: When was this? I totally missed it.

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Posted by squrler

Love Jeff's Xbox voice.


Posted by hollitz

That bear section of Zoo Tycoon had me in tears.

Posted by Skillface

@lifendz said:

Patrick is such a fake sports fan. Wear that 8 bit Bears shirt some more

...I can't even....what?

Posted by The_Nubster

Those achievement pop-ups are a deal breaker. Sorry, Xbox. They're too ugly. Xbox, stop.

Posted by ShaggE

@shagge: When was this? I totally missed it.

It was when Ian was rapidly switching back and forth between the two screens. It was nothing, really, just a reminder to be careful, but I know that embarrassed feeling when you go to do something you think will be funny and it's immediately met with a "Hey, don't do that".

Maybe it's just me, haha.

Posted by suikoden352

This is the only part that isn't up on their YouTube channel :/

Posted by Clapmaster

Oh man when Brad said xbox record that I had Forza 5 running and it stared recording.

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That Zoo Tycoon car dropping in thing really never gets old. Saints Row car calls need to arrive like that. Great segment. Have to say, not really impressed with either console so far and will stick with PC and my PS3 for now, but the xbone certainly looks like it has better launch games, even Zoo Tycoon looked far more fun then shit like Knack.

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best game on xbox zoo tycoon who would thought that be case

This sort of thing was often the case before, during the industry's fixation with AAA == Quality, so its naturally going to happen afterwards.

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