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Wow this is silly 

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Very funny.

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fighting game developers are their own breed of cool XD

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I love Japan more than anything on earth 

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ohh you guys :P

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im going to assume from the scoreboard that the sumo wrestlers from both games will be in sfxt.... which is good. now i just want to see geif vs kuma and this game is set for me.

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hahaha that is kind of cool that they would do that, and it also incorporates the fans into the fun.

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The pre-recorded Ono vs Harada battle was omitted from the video. Enjoy!

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Why can't more developers be like this. I'm calling you out Ken Levine, Jonathan Blow, Peter Molyneux, lets see what you're made of!

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Ono always seems to crossdress every chance he gets.

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lol at the Poisons.

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Dude at 1:46 seemed to be likin' what he's seein' a little too much.

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That outdoor Sprint booth in front of the Gaslamp Hilton was the most depressing and sad sounding location at Comic Con this year. The whole time the DJ was practically begging people to come over to their tent.

Although I had no idea this was going on there.

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Come on MK vs SF...make it happen japan

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Oh man I love Sprint™ it's my favorite trademark!

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Japanese Game Promotion: Clearly Superior.

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Death by pie!

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Umm.. why is Ono wearing high heels?

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This is amazing.  
There should be a tournament where the winner gets to make a crossover game with the winner from the last tournament.  
Just think of the possibilities! Starcraft X Burnout, Mass Effect X Call of Duty.    
Wait, maybe that isn't such a good idea... This was still amazing, though.

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Greatest Producers Ever...

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That was pretty silly. They had to fly around the world to get spanked and get creampied in the face.

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@Evelgest said:

The pre-recorded Ono vs Harada battle was omitted from the video. Enjoy!

This video is awesome, freaking love Japan!!
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I really do enjoy Ono and Harada's shenanigans

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@clumsyninja1: As much as we want it will NEVER happen.It's like getting Koreans to like Warhammer 40k Dawn of War.MK is just too much of a western game for them to ever appreciate or try or even uncensor.
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Hey, I use Sprint!!!

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Oh man... apparently if you cross the japanese with comic con this is what you get.

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Also gotta say that Tekken translator guy is always stylish. Every single video with him in it he has shades on.

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Once again this proves that Guile theme goes with everything

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Hah this is hilarious

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Why are all of the Poison cosplayers girls?

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Yoshinori Ono is, without a doubt, the best thing going at Capcom right now. It's hard to hate them as much after seeing this guy and how cool he is, how much he likes the fans and how passionate he is about Street Fighter. 
That being said, the series WAS dead before he worked his ass off for years to convince them to let him make Street Fighter IV as a big budget series revival for HD consoles. The corporate suits calling the shots at Capcom are the ones who don't know what they're doing, and greenlighting all these iterations of already-published games (Dead Rising Case West, Ultimate MvC3, Super Street Fighter Arcade Edition now why not?, etc.), and canceling Mega Man projects left and right. 
I hope Ono stays with the company for a long time, and always has a place of importance. He's a great guy.  I also hope he takes some time off from fighting games after SF x Tekken. Perhaps pull a Team Ninja, and do an action-adventure brawler (like how they moved from Dead or Alive to Ninja Gaiden?). Having brought back Cody, Guy and now Poison via Street Fighter games, I would LOVE to see this guy make a Final Fight revival for HD consoles. With the Street Fighter IV/x Tekken visuals? And a combat system like a Ninja Gaiden (in that it's based on a fighting game, and has depth)? That would be AWESOME.
I also wish the Mega Man series finds their Ono someday soon. Someone who can champion the series at Capcom HQ, and convince them to make a HD major console release. And also, can make a great game that'll make fans happy and bring in loads of new fans.

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@vinsanityv22: You know what he wants to make? A Darkstalkers game...Jeff said it during one of the bombcasts last year.

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Poison everywhere! 

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This must be the best break they've ever had from working on fighting games. Loved it!

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AWESOME! That's what I call good marketing.

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Guile theme all the way

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Man, that was pretty dumb. Fun to watch though.

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Oh man, this really brightened my day ^^

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Looks like a bachelor party.

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the handcuffs should be on their left just like the character ^_^

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@Evelgest said:

The pre-recorded Ono vs Harada battle was omitted from the video. Enjoy!

Haha, that was excellent.

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aww Ono should let him be in the game as a character it would be a fun joke. 

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@demonzen15 said:

Why are all of the Poison cosplayers girls?

They're not!

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Maybe someday they'll bring Ed Boon in on the fun. :)

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bonus points for Guile's theme

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man guiles theme is good. it goes with everything.
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Now that was a real fight.