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have this quest already

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@TheKramer89 said:

have this quest already


@TheKramer89 said:

have this quest already

I've gotten it twice too. And that's even better than getting it the first time
Posted by Hef

We we gotta keep it rare. Well done gentlemen.

Posted by MormonWarrior

I've gotten it...once I think. Hard to say.

Posted by Humanity

Looks like a weirdly inverted Splosion Man

Posted by Kreeztoff

Hooray for "Stream not found."

Posted by PrimeRib

Looks fun, cute

Posted by dancinginfernal

Looking pretty sick. I'm interested in this.

Posted by Koobz

Up until this video I couldn't really figure out where the actual gameplay was in Warp. Now I want to play this.

Posted by Masha2932

The game looks great I like the music as well.

Posted by HerbieBug

This is about drugs, right? It looks like it's about drugs.

Posted by jorbear

This game looks like buckets of blood... err, I mean buckets of fun!

Posted by JackSukeru

The Swap ability reminds me of Missile from Ghost Trick.

The game interests me a lot more now with all those additional abilites.

Posted by MaddProdigy

First I've seen of it but this game already looks like it has some fun ideas!

Posted by MeatSim

Another science testing facility where things have gone awry. When will scientist learn!