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I have no beef with snow-themed dead space - that part's actually been a compelling setting for horror on many occasions - or with this music. However, they're still pretending the game is big dumb action rather than horror. I waited to read many reviews before buying Dead Space 2, and I'll do the same again.

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Well that is just a terrible trailer, which is a shame because Dead Space one's launch trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAiHfqnbGYo

and Dead Space's 2 launch trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ogv4AO3Fuk

were pretty great. This seems more in line with the "your mom will hate dead space" marketing campaign (shudders).

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How can this series go from having an atmospheric trailer with Sigur Ros music to something like this. The original launch trailer for Dead Space has to be one of my favourites of all time. Now I just worry where this series is going. I really hope this is just all part of the marketing push and that the single player remains mostly untouched

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Despite the quality of this trailer I'm looking forward to Dead Space 3. I do wish it was more horror oriented but I think I'm going to have a blast playing the game co-op with my friend

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that trailer looks like it could be for a Mass Effect 3 expansion pack. Not knocking on either game, but it just looks very generic sci-fi epic-y

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What has been heard can not be un-heard.

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No creepy lullaby? Denied!

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"Better with Kinect"

Oh god my sides. I can't wait to see if they use Kinect for the QL

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That was freaking BADASS! The music made it so freakin' awesome. I'm really digging this! Pre-ordered the limited edition.

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Funniest part of this trailer was the end.... amplify this experience with kinect... what a joke.

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That's even worse than DS2, which will be honest marketing because the game probably will be too.

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@Eidderf said:

I have no idea what they were attempting to do with that music choice, it doesn't work in either getting you 'pumped' for it as an action game or setting a good atmosphere for the horror side of the franchise. It's a shame really since the trailer itself seemed like a well put together thing.


Are you too young to have played the Original Gears of War?

They used "Mad World" in the original trailer, just how "In the Air" is being used for this. It creates a dramatic effect.

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@sprode said:

That's even worse than DS2, which will be honest marketing because the game probably will be too.

That looking-into-the-future-skill of yours must be incredebly handy.

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Say what you will about the trailer but I still got to air drum the same as with the original version so it gets a pass in my book

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I think it's rather grim that a lot of these trailers like Dead Space 3 and Halo have the protagonist jump over a cliff right when he reaches the boss. Committing suicide right there is pretty dumb when you've spend all that time getting through the rest of the game.

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No Tom Cruise no sale

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Dunno what's wrong with you guys; I'm really digging this Gears of War 4 trailer.

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Screw you haters! This looks like fun.

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@panicproduct: The Gears of War trailer shows a world in ruin due to a literally quite mad war, though it didn't really end up reflecting the tone of the game too accurately (Marcus was too busy curb stomping to notice how the war had ravaged the land most of the time and the hopelessness of it all etc) it did at least give you an idea of the world that the game is set in.

This trailer on the other hand is nothing like that, the song and video itself aren't edited together very well from the looks of it (despite the live action footage being quite well done) and lyrics and tone of the music have no relevance to the game. You can't just put a song that is at odds with the footage shown and just say it's dramatic, there should be some sort of link between the two things no matter how tenuous.

To be fair though I can barely hear the lyrics of the song due to the guy singing it sounds like he is constantly about to sneeze.

Don't take my criticisms of the trailer to be me condemning the game itself (I don't know if implying I would be too young to have played the first gears was meant to be an insult or not to be honest) it may be great despite the changes and I haven't played it myself so I can't judge.

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Actual game footage wow when did they do that in trailers

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Looks like Andrew Lincoln to me. Or maybe even a little bit of Michael Fassbender.

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Way to make an amazing song mediocre.

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@Alex: There are nu-metal covers of this song that are infinitely better than whatever this is. This is some kind of house music abortion.
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@killacam: ya, me too.

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Alex must've eye rolled, shook his head, and sighed all at once.

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Game looks awesome. Trailer does not.

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@TheManWithNoPlan:I know what you mean,you're not being cynical, and EA marketing is what happened to Dead Space.Just look for no better example than Mass Effect 2 and 3.

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Well, I can say this at least; the song choice wasn't as ignorant or misplaced as that Assassin's Creed III trailer that inexplicably superimposed modern pop crap over scenes of the American Revolution.

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Hilarious preview of Dead Space 3. Shoot um, shoot um...Shoot um in the face. BETTER WITH KINECT!

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Why was it that he was shielding his face.... When he's wearing a mask made of metal that completely encases said face?

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@Deusoma: Are you talking about the "Fuck Yeah" song? Cause i'm pretty sure that was a fan made trailer.

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0:57 - "This is my favorite part."

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First of all, best ever topic.. I couldn't have written it better myself :D Secondly, Just finished DS2, majorly looking forward to play this & hope it still scares the shit out of me :D

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Fuck this game.

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@damswedon said:

@mbr2 said:

Is this what you call nu-metal? Are you sure you were ever into music Alex?

Yeah there was a distinct lack of ung ahh ahh ahh for this to be nu-metal.

I don't know that sounds like some kind of crap cover that somebody like Adema would do.

The song was terrible and this is the first bit of DS3 preview content I've seen and I'm kind of digusted? I know they were saying that horror and tension is hard to demo but... I mean, there's an awful lot of things exploding and jetpacking and such. I dunno. This just looks like it's becoming like a darker Halo.

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NO Alex! Don't quit! =(

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Seeing the video description just makes me miss listening to Alex talking about music even more now than I already did. Thanks a lot Alex...

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They could use that track as an interrogation tactic is so God awful

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Dead Space 2 was a great game despite the horrible advertisements so I'm still hopeful.

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I love the whole "protagonist walks up and removes his helmet so that you can clearly see he's a no-nonsense space marine ready to kick ass before putting it right back on and jumping into the fray" trope. That shit is absurd.

Also, remember when Isaac Clarke was a middle-aged space Engineer? Me neither. Not extreme enough for the kids, I guess.

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This pales in comparison to the greatest use of Phil Collins ever--the Cadbury Gorilla Drummer commercial.

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@RoyCampbell said:

@PolygonSlayer said:

Really bummed. This just looks like nothing I want from a Dead Space game, oh well, there are plenty of other titles to play.

Yep, this. To see such a promising IP butchered and given the AAA treatment is just deflating.

They're expecting to move five million copies of this thing. That's how misguided and untrue to itself this series has gotten.

Better with Kinect.

It has pretty much always been a AAA game considering how much marketing previous installments had, especially DS2.

Also everyone realizes that the better with Kinect is just some extra voice gimmicks they put in? That a nice man sent over from Visceral won't stand in your room with a gun to your head nodding towards your kinect?

Has everyone just become so bitter and unhappy with their lives that we need to literally shit on every single game before it comes out? I can't remember the last time I read a trailer comments thread where people here were actually excited for anything.

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you know I'm alright with an action game in the Dead Space setting. It kind of makes sense too once you leave the abandoned ship from the first game. I just think the new Lost Planet is going to be a better version of this idea. So good luck with DS3 I guess.

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Oh boy, everything surrounding this game is just been the biggest turn off. I'd really like to know who wants this game at this point.

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I think "In the Air Tonight" was an inspired choice for this trailer. The cover wasn't amazing but it wasn't ear-rape like Rihanna either.

It's a wash, honestly.

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"Dead Space 3: We want the phone audience."

Between that and the demo, the game is already dead to me(pun intended)

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Honestly I would find the song apropos if it were the original Phil Collins song. There's something chilling about that song. Also I thought the franchise was supposed to get more epic in scale with each iteration, I'm tired of people complaining about sequels (even by the same developers) not fitting the "spirit" of a franchise they had no part in creating. It's not your game to make, it's your game to play (or not play). Get used to it.

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Oh yea, videogames..... where everyone wants to be a critic!