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Posted by zipperface

They should use the My Dick cover.

Posted by Asturie

That song was terrible.

Posted by killacam

I quit dead space.

Posted by furiouscabbage

This is about as far away from Dead Space 1 as you can get. Blargh.

Posted by mbr2

Is this what you call nu-metal? Are you sure you were ever into music Alex?

Posted by fazzle

Has the Dead Space guy always been Bradley Cooper?

Posted by OneKillWonder_

Should've went with Nonpoint's excellent cover of this song instead. But either way, doesn't fit this game at all and this not at all what I want out of Dead Space. So I guess I don't really care.

Posted by damswedon

@mbr2 said:

Is this what you call nu-metal? Are you sure you were ever into music Alex?

Yeah there was a distinct lack of ung ahh ahh ahh for this to be nu-metal.

Posted by sonicrift

Is it just me, or did this feel like a bunch of random footage cut together? There's an art to making a good trailer. This one looked kind of lazy.

Posted by triviaman09

What an unintentionally hilarious trailer.

Posted by TheManWithNoPlan

Huhhh. I hate being cynical, but what happened to Dead Space. I'm not saying I won't enjoy what it has become. It's just too bad. Maybe it will still be good. We'll find out soon enough.

Posted by Eidderf

I have no idea what they were attempting to do with that music choice, it doesn't work in either getting you 'pumped' for it as an action game or setting a good atmosphere for the horror side of the franchise. It's a shame really since the trailer itself seemed like a well put together thing.

Posted by twelve1784

Snarky cynicism is the nu-metal of the internet.

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I'm going to have a different opinion, here, watch! : I'm getting this day one. I loved the demo.

Edit : I didn't know Alex Navarro had a boys band. I hope he's the lead singer. I'm going to browse the internet.

Posted by Vuud

Should have been Hotel California.

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Yeah, if you're going to try for Collins, get Collins.

Posted by Alex

@mbr2: Fine, I'll concede the nu-metalishness of it. It certainly sounds like one of those "soft" covers some crap nu-metal band would concoct, but really, that's not why it sucks. It sucks because it's an awful cover of the song and makes no contextual sense in this trailer.

Posted by leebmx

Needs more gorillas playing drums.

Posted by saddlebrown

Really dumb. The footage felt like any other chaotic Dead Space trailer, which usually fits, but not with Phil Collins playing. They needed to slow it down.

Also, Isaac jumps off the cliff at the end like Master Chief jumping into the Brutes at the end of the Halo 3 trailer? What? Why? There's no safe place to land and no reason not to just safely my his way down.

Sooooo stupid.

Posted by Scroll

The launch trailer for the first game was better. Much better.

The demo for this wasn't too bad though.

Posted by Triumvir

Shite. Sad thing is, if this wasn't a Dead Space game, I might actually be interested.

Posted by GullumF

Can't wait to play this one.

Posted by BoOzak

Well at least there wernt any *daan* (fade to black) *DAAAAN!*

..still pretty shit though.

Posted by CornBREDX

Ya, I like the original song better too. 
Still holding out judgement for the game although it's weird they aren't advertising it as a horror game anymore. That seems like a sign. 

  That was pretty dumb, too.
Posted by JOURN3Y

Hey. I like Phil Collins.

Posted by JEC03

Not as bad as I thought it would be at least it wasn't Linkin Park or Nickelcrap.

Posted by wrecks

Not enough wubs.

Posted by MormonWarrior

I did a cover of In the Air Tonight for a choir concert here at Utah State. I think the video's on YouTube somewhere.

I thought I did alright. It was fun at least.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

@leebmx said:

Needs more gorillas playing drums.

Posted by JZ

I guess dead space being a horror game was ALL JUST A PACK OF LIES!

Posted by VoshiNova

I seriously dislike the Dead Space franchise.

Posted by Alex

@MormonWarrior: If you're going to transform it on the level of a choir performance, that's fine. Hell, that probably sounded pretty cool. This? This is just junk.

Posted by Iodine

When I saw those spires I just though "Reeaaaapppeerrrssss"

Also considering the past marketing budget for EA games, someone heard this cover and was like "woah this really works much better" and made it so, which is more terrifying than any video game

Posted by DemiGodRaven

Man, did this game sneak up on me.

Posted by Legion_

Wow, that CG was fucking amazing.

Posted by arjybarjy

Phil Collins' old band was called Mega Drive here in Europe.

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Dude in the thumbnail looks a lot like Rick in the Walking Dead. I´d say they draw their inspiration from some weird places.

Edit: "Take down the Terror" ??! What the fuck dude! Now I know what to expect from this game. Not a lot of Dead Space. I guess they will come out and say "Oh, but that was what Aliens was all about, right?? Taking the fight to them?!" But they will be so damn wrong.

Parts of this look downright silly. Like Lost Planet with a bunch of filters thrown onto it.

Posted by frythefly

Did the guy in the thumbnail just poop his pants?

Posted by ChernobylCow

Hopefully this series departs from necromorphs eventually.

Posted by Alex

@arjybarjy said:

Phil Collins' old band was called Mega Drive here in Europe.

Okay, that was pretty funny.

Posted by heatDrive88

I don't mind Phil Collins, but they made that killer drum riff from this song sound SO BAD in this trailer.

Posted by Hawkerace

Pre-order now to get the Phill Collens skin pack*

*not actually Phil Collins due to copyrights

Posted by Mezmero

I still have no idea if I want this even though I love the Dead Space games. Seeing Issac acting all soldier-y in the prerendered scene is really off putting since he was suppose to be just an engineer from the start. And just making the new threat A BIGGER MARKER seems just lazy. And Kinect support? Are you TRYING to kill off this franchise EA?!

Posted by JeanLuc

Cool trailer, bad choice of music.

Posted by A_Cute_Squirtle

I haven't laughed this hard in a while. I had no idea Dead Space was branching into the action-comedy genre.

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@arjybarjy said:

Phil Collins' old band was called Mega Drive here in Europe.

Phil Collins does what Nintendon't.

Posted by casper_

videogames suck

Posted by pbhawks45

You suck, . I've been looking up live performances of "In The Air Tonight" and skipping to the drum part for the past 20 minutes now thanks to this. You are a monster.

Posted by TrashMustache

terrible trailer

Posted by Yanngc33

@fazzle said:

Has the Dead Space guy always been Bradley Cooper?

I was thinking more Rick from the Walking Dead Tv series