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Ooooo....haven't played one of these games in years!

Posted by yoshimitz707

I'm ready for this!

Posted by Drewbs


Posted by Dylia

Sign me up, been waiting for a fresh Animal Crossing experience since the GameCube era.

Posted by Generic_username

I hope its not the same exact game again, though I'll probably buy it anyway...

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This is why I bought a 3DS.
I've been playing other games to pass the time...

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Never played the original. I will probably give this a try.

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Prepare for tears if you haven't already read it: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2007/11/animalcrossing.jpg

Posted by Tarsier

it is time for a "NEW" animal crossing, but not like this.

Posted by RazielCuts

Posted by AlwaysBeClothing

Saw a demo at Wondercon, looks pretty animal crossing. Which is a good thing.

Posted by civid

In this one you can end the game by getting shitfaced and drown

Posted by takayamasama

Can't wait for this, love the AC games so much.

This trailer didn't need the lady voiceover though, something is charming just letting the music play and showing the game.

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I love me some Animal Crossing! The Street Pass options could sell this to me even more than the ability to buy stuff for my town with all those useless Bells I normally have hanging about.

KK Slider's 4AM chiptune DJ set - truth or BS?

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I've been sold. Haven't played since gamecube either.

Not to mention I haven't played pokemon since diamond so I am pretty happy about the new pokemon Y

Edited by bunkerbuster05

Considering I still play the DS one every so often, yeah I'll take it.

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Oh man the voice over lady is aaaaaaaawful in this trailer.

Posted by Draxyle

This sounds like an advert for a cruise ship or island resort vacation. I really hope it was on purpose.

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Please, trailer, make the game sound more drab and uninspired.

Posted by geirr

I do miss hanging with KK and we are getting a new (functional) 3DS so my wife can play the upcoming Pokemon game.. tempting to include this game too.

Posted by RE_Player1

Maybe this will finally get me to play my 3DS.

Edited by deathfromace

For some reason I was expecting a record scratch to show new gameplay and graphics. I love Animal Crossing but I was thinking there would be more in a new game but it looks very similar in all aspects to the previous ones...and a shame it's not coming to the WiiU or I would of picked it up.

Posted by erinfizz

I just bought a 3DS almost entirely because of this game. So excited. :)

Posted by FrakesFace

What the hell K.K. Slider owns a nightclub now?

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@mumrik said:

Prepare for tears if you haven't already read it: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.joystiq.com/media/2007/11/animalcrossing.jpg

That's really touching.

Posted by billyhoush

So which version of the 3DS is the one to get?



Posted by BBQBram

I haven't played that many games on my launch 3DS, but that's about to be justified!

Edited by dh2005

@tidel: I don't normally go for things like that, but it's a very sweet tale. Thanks.

Edited by onan

Yo, insects roam. I did not know that.

Posted by Driadon



Posted by brandonleedy

I know people like this series, and of course I can see the sims-esque appeal. But man, as someone who has never played Animal Crossing ever, this commercial makes it seem inane. I just imagine someone seeing this and thinking, "Umm... I can grow apples, dig up real fossils (at your local riverbed), catch insects, fish, swim, go to nightclubs, etc. all in real life."

Posted by CircleNine

They aren't really touting any of the new stuff that they should be touting? Like I want to see more of what being mayor actually means, and whats on the island and what swimming means other than an alternate way to catch fish. Having played all 3 games, I know I'll probably end up getting this too but I can't help but feel that they'll continue the trend of really incremental improvements in one part of the game while making others notably worse than the past versions. :|

Posted by SleepyDoughnut

I'm on a study abroad trip in Japan, and judging by the streetpasses, this game has been massively successful over here.

Posted by FrostedMiniWheats

@sleepydoughnut: Oh man, it totally has been. Animal Crossing has been ripping the Japanese software charts to SHREDS. They're about to pass 4 million retail units sold which, for a Japanese release, is ridiculous. I don't think it's left the top 10 sold for a week since it released, and maybe not even the top 5. Games that this has been more successful than include Dragon Quest 7 and New Super Mario Bros 2, just to give a sense of scale. It's sold about double NSMB 2.

Posted by Bourbon_Warrior

Isn't Minecraft the new Animal crossing?

Posted by deathfromace

Isn't Minecraft the new Animal crossing?

...they are similar in no way.

Edited by wapostyle

It's nice to see they haven't changed a thing since the N64/Gamecube game. Even the texture on the fossils is the same as the N64 game.

I hate everything about this, but I'll probably sink a ton of time into it. The North America release of Animal Crossing on the Gamecube is the only game I've ever called in sick to work to play... *cough *cough *(three days in a row).

This game coming out is bad... very bad. I have kids now though and this game is perfect for kids because it's impossible to die. Maybe my daughter will find some sweet stuff to send to my town!

Oh and I ripped my Gamecube disc for this one and it's something along the lines of 16MB... how much awesome will they squeeze into the no doubt 64MB that this game is!

Posted by Grilledcheez

3DS is really appealing to me right now

Edited by shodan2020

Wild World for the DS is still my favorite.

Edited by Kyle

I played the one on DS. I enjoyed it for a time, but I feel like I'm pretty much good on Animal Crossing forever.

Posted by Jack_Lafayette

Oh, man, they're still using that same fossil model, aren't they? I also love the idea that a sleepy little out-of-the-way country burb has a bangin' nightclub.

I at least think that I'd really like to play another Animal Crossing, but after the original, the Wii game was the only one I had the hardware for. And that's like two editions out of date at this point. Even if they bring it back to main-line consoles, I'm not at all convinced about buying a Wii U this generation. It's a bummer outlook all around.

Plus, these games will never be what they were until Nintendo puts the awesome load of collectible NES ROMs back in. Seriously, what sort of monster takes that away from the players?

Posted by Dan_CiTi

Isn't Minecraft the new Animal crossing?

Isn't Madden the new Sonic?

Edited by Cybexx

@driadon said:



Apparently this is the one Animal Crossing where your not indebted to Tom Nook since your Mayor. But you still buy your home upgrades from him, you just pay upfront this time...so yeah your still totally right.


Posted by Chop

So excited for this. I bought my damn 3ds for this right here. AWHHHHHHHHAWHAH

Edited by Mabui

First off, that comic about the persons mother that plays animal crossing obsessively nearly made me cry.

In other news, diving seems cool, new towns person looks interesting! I hope they've improved everything under the hood, it would be sorta fun to send drawings to animals too, not just letters. I'd buy a 3DS XL for this, but I'm currently petitioning the lack of good colours in North America. Just one solid black or white colour is not too much to ask Nintendo.

Edited by Blu3V3nom07

K.K. Slider throws the hardest beats! The secret is: Pears.

Edited by Metric_Outlaw

@billyhoush: The XL, I think they still have the Mario Kart 7 bundle available.

Posted by CrashTanuki

Looking forward to this, though the trailer makes it seem more open and dynamic than it really is unless they've changed a lot. You can do what you want, but that's only in the terms of whether you participate in the set events or ignore them.

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