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Posted by Gamer_152

The gameplay actually looked better when I was expecting but the characters in this game don't seem great, that comment in the middle of the video was one of the worst things I've heard a video game character say in a long time.

Posted by MeatSim

At least the assassin doesn't have a horrible voice actor like the sniper.

Edited by Zeninnnnnnnn

Really looking forward to this. I love League of Legends AND Team Fortress 2. So this SHOULD be the perfect game for me. Will it be? Probably not. But here's hoping! 
And to any of you League of Legend players out there: Add me! Username= Zeninnnnnnnn

Posted by ShinAli

I want to play this game pretty bad but dear god they need some good writers. Why make the inspiration in the characters so blatantly obvious when they can't even execute on them not even half as well as the source material?
The only thing missing from the dude going 'The assassin is a chick? How did I miss that?' was a coy, knowing smile at the end of it with either a BADDA DA DUH DA DA music clip or some laugh track.

Posted by simian

It's starting to grow on me a tad.

Posted by patrick

So apparently people have played TF2 and came away thinking it was a futuristic third person game. Fascinating.

Posted by Tregard

I was gonna get this.
Then I heard the dialogue.

Posted by Besetment

Everyone's mentioning the "how did I miss that?" line as some kind of reference to TF2. I don't get it. How is that a reference to anything?

Posted by lilman1101

So it's TF2?

Posted by MasterSquirrel

While the combat and such looks interesting, that voice work.... geez.

Edited by LordXavierBritish

Anyone complaining about the voice acting needs to realize that this is a multiplayer shooter and not Final Fantasy XV.
I don't think it is going to matter.

Edited by TadThuggish
@Wandrecanada said:

" If anyone who thinks this game is a TF2 clone or ripoff took a moment to actually watch one of the dev diary videos regarding the actual game and not just what the trailers looked liked they would be worth listening to.  TF2 has non character Bots?  Jump pads?  Strategic turret locations?  Mid combat upgrades bought through resources obtained via kills?  A CoD level perk system?  Sounds like DotA, Halo, Shadowrun, CoD and UT all melded together.  Just because the art is stylized does not make the game Team Fortress.  By that standard you could call Borderlands a TF2 clone.  There's a black guy, a big white dude who carries large weapons, a slim fast moving dude who wears a mask and excels at assassinating people, a dude who throws turrets, a bomb specialist who's good with shotguns, a guy who heals other players by shooting them, etc. ad nausiem...  Perhaps one should actually see what the game is about before criticizing it as a clone of something that's already a clone of many other things. "

The art style and type of "comedy" is directly and pathetically trying to convey that feeling.  No one said it had similar TF2 gameplay.  Your little hissy fit is invalid.
Posted by MatPaget

"That girl is uglier than a tree full of opossums... bless her heart!"
I had to watch this several times to make sure that was actually said

Posted by Beomoose

That's racist.

Posted by theMuse

Every single one of these videos makes this game look awful, and that it is trying way too hard to have TF2's style and likable characters.

Posted by NuDimon

I guess this isn't TF2 after all!

Posted by Alphazero
@Besetment said:
" Everyone's mentioning the "how did I miss that?" line as some kind of reference to TF2. I don't get it. How is that a reference to anything? "
(Full Disclosure: I played small amounts of TF2 years ago) 
I think it's referring to the Pyro in TF2, which may be a lady under all that bondage gear.
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