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I think I like watching videos of Trials much more than actually playing Trials.

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What, its like I'm watching what Shootmania will be. I wonder if all games are aggregating towards the LBP style MAKE ANY KIND OF GAME YOU WANT IN OUR EDITOR

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Looks awesome. A more robust level sharing system is just what the doctor ordered, Trials HD's editor was actually pretty cool, but the fact that you could only share tracks with your friends list made it kinda not worth the effort. Globally shared levels is going to make this game way, way more replayable, and the new editor looks crazy. Can't wait.

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These games are so god damned fun to watch

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Any Trials veterans able to tell if they finally added analog leaning? The digital nature of the weight shifting in Trials HD was a real turnoff for me. It was kinda hard to tell in the video, but to me it looked it like there were just a couple positions being toggled between again. Can someone with a more nuanced eye confirm?

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And I thought Trackmania was European...YOWZA.

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I played the shit outta Trials HD and I'm pumped for this. I'm pretty sure this will make me use my Xbox again.

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When did trials become lbp? Lol, can't wait though.

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I'm suddenly much less annoyed that this game was delayed...

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What the hell? Is this Little Big Planet 2?

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@The_Buffalo_Destroyer: More like 2.5. hurrdurr.

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Looks pretty sweet, now if only there was a ps3 or steam version.

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Wow, for what was a relatively simple game they seem to have expanded the scope considerably. I really enjoyed the first game, so I'm really looking forward to this one as well.

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I was not expecting Little Big Motocross. Neat.

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The inclusion of local multiplayer (multiplayer!) sold me on the game the second I saw it.

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@MrKlorox: dev posted on neogaf "The control scheme is same in Trials HD and Trials Evolution."

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between 1:30 and 1:44, what?

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Do want. I remember trials HD fondly. Quite a few triumphs I experienced in that game.

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Wait, what? What was that about YOU CAN MAKE A FPS WITH THEIR EDITOR?

That was possibly the greatest trailer I've ever seen.

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This games looks hell of awesome.

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This looks amazing, I guess it's time to play some trials HD to brush up on my skills.

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Man.. I loved Trials HD but i hated the art direction. If this series had a little bit of actual... art... to its art. It could've been really great. Generic ass xtreme sports aesthetic is generic.

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New Trials? Time to get raped again...

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What the Fuck!?

I mean, don't get me wrong, this looks badass and I can't wait to play it, but what the hell... just... shooter... foosball... what?

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CALLING GAME OF THE YEAR RIGHT NOW. I'm gonna tell him that Trials Evolution will be great.

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I... What??

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(Warning: the above is incredibly false)

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No mustard on my ham sandwich I'm on my bike.... No mustard on my bike

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err.... so why would anyone want to be able to make a bad FPS or bad shoot-em-up with Trials game... why is that considered a selling point?.. it'll just mean, the download-store will be swamped with pointless gimmicky shite - just like Little Big Planet

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more adrenaline marinated tripe for the XTREEM crowd. Perfectly suited for xbox exclusivity BRO

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So... this is going to be a 60 dollar game, right?

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Red Lynx sure went in balls out

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:( I really wish that they would make another Trials game for PC

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@GJSmitty said:

:( I really wish that they would make another Trials game for PC

I think it's really disgusting that they aren't releasing this for PC. I loved the first game on PC (and on XBLA) and would love more Trials action. Especially with that editor. But nooooo, PC is left out in the cold.

Until the port is announced 3 months from now that is...

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while i find this quite compelling, what the hell is up with that music? what is it some time between 1980-2008(nickelback)?

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those 4 person races look really fun, nice addition.

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Has smushing money into the computer screen worked for anyone? I can't seem to make it go.

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More Trials is a good thing

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Common why no PC version? Trials the game was born on the PC FFS.

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That was surprisingly different!!

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When Trials HD came out, the Bombcast crew were discussing how frustratingly hard the game is. As one the earliest downloadable games for Xbox Live Arcade, Jeff joked that there was no way to throw the box in frustration. He said that all you can do is copy the game to a memory card, and then throw the memory card. Still makes me laugh...

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My Brother is gonna be excited about this and me to just becuase it looks more crazy.

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Was that an FPS level? That's not really what I come to Trials for, but okay guys, you can have my money.

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Spring 2012? Ya right. Can anyone say Summer of Arcade?

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@TomA said:

Spring 2012? Ya right. Can anyone say Summer of Arcade?

Would that make Trials the first game to have both its original and sequel be Summer of Arcade games?

Looks like they threw the kitchen sink in with this one -- that's fine -- TrialsHD had a bunch of stuff I didn't get into either (mini-games) and I still enjoyed the regular gameplay.

Love the multiplayer, though -- that will be fun.