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Wow I can't believe they are still making these games.
EDIT: WHOOO I'ma so happy I could just about quit my job that I'm currently at.

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Ys, really?
Fuck you. :P

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EDIT: I had read the preview before watching this and I still think it looks meh. I do like the pace of the game, though.

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Never played one of these games, looks decent fun combat.

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I read "Tom Walks" as "Tom Waits" and was WAY more interested before I realized my error.

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@JohnRabbit said:
" I read "Tom Walks" as "Tom Waits" and was WAY more interested before I realized my error. "
Exactly same thing that happened for me, -HUUUUGE- bummer
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Did he say you get a map of Europe with the limited edition?

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The music is the only thing that made me interested in this game

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the game seems pretty cool. and this guy's talking has a workmanship like quality.

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wow he sounds like a localization specialist

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I like the Dynasty Warriors style music. 

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Love these series, but hearing the words RTS worries me
Alright, saw the rest of the vid, do-able

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I like the music but that's about it.

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@Meatsim said:
"I like the music but that's about it. "

I Too like the music, but the paceing seems nice.
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Real time combat will kick all JRPGs in the nuts

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I really want this game...
When is it finally coming to European PSstore!?
Really cmon, they said it will be available shortly after US release :(
The music is one of the greatest videogame music i've heard.
epic battle music is epic

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good boss music

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Very nice

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Oh man, when was the last time a game came out with a cloth map?
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 Why do Japanese developers insist on making numbers pop out of the enemy/hero every time someone scores a hit? It seems completely redundant here because the damage is being displayed in the top left plus the heroes all have life bars.  All those numbers clutter up the screen, especially on portable systems where screen space is kind of important.