Well this is weird.

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Vietnam: Black Ops ! 
i was going through my old old old video game discs, and i found this game called Vietnam: Black Ops (i blogged about it being one of the shittiest games i ever bought once). and i remember playing that game ages ago.. i think you were a part of a Black Ops team operating in Vietnam (duh) 
so i thought... this is really weird. 
Vietnam: Black Ops ! just like Call of Duty: Black Ops which had a pretty good portion taking place in Vietnam. 

I like to think that Treyarch had no idea what do to next (when they were developing Call of Duty 7) and they decided to look at shitty old shooters and grab one of their ideas and rehash them in the form of a Call of Duty game. 

I really think this is weird. dont you ?

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What is Call of Duty 7? Is it set in space?

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Black ops is hardly a rare term.  I am sure I heard someone mention BO as a prospective title for the next COD in a thread before it was ever announced - along with every other military cliché that had not been used so far.

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Some games are just generically named. Hell, I predicted TES V having the subtitle "Skyrim"
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@CaptainCody said:
" Some games are just generically named. Hell, I predicted TES V having the subtitle "Skyrim" "
I was predicting "Rimshot" so slightly wrong, i commend your foresight.
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Ahmad, every time you make a Call of Duty rehash comment, DICE reduces the player count in Battlefield 3 by 1.

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I'm pretty certain they could think about a subtitle such as "Black Ops" by themselves, given the game's theme.

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