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Three Phases of Viewtiful Joe 0

After a few hours of play, I was kind of disappointed.  I played a few levels on hard, found it a bit too tough, so I played on "kids" difficulty for a while. I will refer to this later as "phase one".After getting to about the third episode, I figured I had seen all there was to see. How wrong I was. I have a feeling that some reviews will be way off, simply because the reviewer may not have taken the time needed to uncover the games depth. There is no way you can review this game after playing...

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Amazing Game 0

Remember those old beat um ups we all came to love back in the 2D era? Many of us can remember countless hours spent playing double dragon, streets of rage, or one of the many batman games released into this genre. Well, Viewtiful Joe takes that concept with a new a spin and some very new graphics to deliver a very pleasing package, on that is both aesthetically pleasing and entertaining. Viewtiful Joe takes the “beat um up” genre to new heights. It still retains the basic old school concept mo...

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Viewtifully Revives and Evolves a Genre 0

Viewtiful Joe takes classics such as Final Fight and Double Dragon and gives them a whole new spin with a solid gameplay mechanics and over the top art style and story.The premise and execution is comedy gold: some schmuck that is addicted to action movies is pulled into Movie Land... Pursuing his girlfriend's kidnapper, of course. The whole game is full of throwback references, goofy dialogue sequences, and quirky action characters. The story is a "throw away" in the spirit of the genre, but I ...

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Crazy, over-the-top, viewtiful action. 0

Introduction:Viewtiful Joe is a 2.5D beat 'em up, developed by Clover(makers of Okami and God Hand). While it sports 3D graphics, the game plays like a 2D side-scroller. Now that you know what kind of game it is, let's move on to the review.Good stuff:Viewtiful worldThe game looks really, really good. The cel-shaded graphics strongly resemble the fantastic-looking Okami, albeit with more of a comic-book feel. Regardless of how many enemies and special effects were on the screen, the frame rate n...

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