kcwilkat's Viking: Battle for Asgard (Xbox 360) review

Great if your in the mood

Viking : Battle for asgard is a great game if you just watched 300 or conan the (first one)  and want to slice up and brutally cut people in half,decapitate and literally disarm people. but before you can get to hoards of hel's army to slaughter you have to complete tasks on one of three  medium sized island's like liberate a farm for food for your army and free troops for the upcoming battle. On  more then one occasion it felt that these quests were a bit forced in to the game for length.

Once you reach one of these battles it's pretty impressive 100 your men are every where and guys are getting cut up on a regular basis. During the battle you have a couple of objectives you actually have to do to finish the battle it would be more satisfying to actually land the last blow on an enemy but all in all on big screen it's great.

The one part the game needs work is in the sound department. The music is a bit off its not as epic as it should be. theres not enough vocals from your men you kind of want them screaming with you getting you pumped up but the barely say anyhing even when you free them . And some sound effects are kind just thrown in like thay didn't even have time to polish them like one sound when shimming up a rope i swear that it was velcro.

Overall the game could use a bit more polish. but it gives you what it promise's  a bunch of large battle's fought by a viking. Just play it when your in the mood for sword swinging and you should enjoy yourself i sure did.

3 1/2 stars


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