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Vincent Desiderio, a.k.a. Vince Desi, is the Executive Producer of Running With Scissors, known for their ultra-violent dark satire series, Postal.

Cameo Appearances

On Monday, in Postal 2, the main character, The Postal Dude, must collect his paycheck from the Running With Scissors office. If he runs into one of the RWS employees roaming the game world, they will inform him, "Hey, Vince needs to see you, man." Upon arriving at the office, he goes to see Vince Desi himself in his office to collect his check, where he is told he's fired and "it's nothing personal." It's worth noting that, much like anything in the Postal universe, Vince Desi can be the target of the player's wrath, and can be killed at whim. His office contains several pictures and framed certificates, including an anger management program graduation certificate. In the enhanced game, accessed after beating Postal 2 once, his office contains a powerful rocket launcher and a box of scissors, usable as a weapon in Postal 2.

In the Postal movie, directed by Uwe Boll, Vince has a cameo as the cartoon mascot Krotchy, and after a brief argument between him and Uwe Boll (who also cameos in the movie) over "ruining (his) game", a fight breaks out between the two, and the result is Boll being shot in the scrotum, exclaiming "I hate video games!"

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