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Original Canon

Vincent Dorin is a travelling monk who Charlotte Aulin and Jonathan Morris stumble across in Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin. Jonathan and Charlotte can buy items off of Vincent for a small fee that is (supposedly) donated to the church. Later, Vincent is bitten by a vampire and infected with their curse, but is saved by Charlotte's magic before he changes into a vampire himself.

Lords of Shadow

Abbot Vincent Dorin in Lords of Shadow
Abbot Vincent Dorin in Lords of Shadow

In Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, Vincent Dorin is the demented and elderly abbot of the monastery just outside Wygol Village. The abbey contained a magical relic, consisting of Holy Water, that had the power to keep Vampires at bay, but when Carmilla, the Dark Lord of the Vampires, and her minions began preying upon the Humans living in the region, Abbot Dorin went insane with fear, sealing himself away with the relic and leaving the people of the village to fend for themselves. When Gabriel Belmont and his companion Zobek arrive in 1047, they make their way past the traps and locks Vincent has put in place, and retrieve the relic for their own quests, over Abbot Dorin's protests. Then, Gabriel and Zobek simply leave while the Abbey is immediately invaded by vampire soldiers, who subject Vincent to a gruesome death. Zobek explicitly mentions in his voiceover narration that he believes Vincent got what he deserved for abandoning his people, though the later revelation that Zobek was in reality the Dark Lord of the Necromancers, another Lord of Shadow, makes these narrative entries somewhat questionable.

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