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Viola makes her debut in the Soul franchise in Soul Calibur V. She fights with blades on her hand, but her primary weapon is Quattuor Orbis, which translates roughly to "World of four" or "Four rings" from Latin.


Viola does not remember her past, and made a living by traveling from place to place reading people's fortunes. This proved to be a dangerous occupation as people would often be enraged by the truth of the fortunes she foretold. She eventually gets into trouble by one of her fortune readings but is rescued by a mysterious man named Z.W.E.I.. He is immediately fascinated by Viola as they both possess inhuman abilities, him being a werewolf and she being a fortuneteller. The two come to an agreement to become traveling companions from then on.

The two would struggle to survive in the world constantly fighting against the malfested and the Dumas assassins, but then meet a man named Siegfried who agreed to take them under his protection in exchange if they can help him find a wielder worthy of Soul Calibur, and soon meet a young man named Patroklos Alexandra.

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