The XBLA/PSN Version Is Out. What Do You Think?

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So Virtua Fighter 2 along with Sonic Fighters and Fighting Vipers came out on XBLA and PSN for $5 each. I bought VF 2 because I adored that game in the arcade. Having replayed a few rounds having played VF 5 earlier this year it's a little weird seeing how much changed from VF 2 to VF 5. VF 2 is still fun to play but it's stiffer then I remember. It feels like the fighters feel heavier and slower and the attacks seem stilted and limped somehow. I'm sure it is exactly the same as it was in the arcades it just feels weird now. They didn't do a ton to change the graphics. It looks like they cleaned them up and added some AA. It looks nice but I grew up with these visuals so I'm curious how younger players will view the graphics. The options are pretty cool. They even have an option for picking the version of VF 2 you'll play (which means I need to try the other versions to see if they play a little less stiff). I'm happy I bought it because I have a lot of nostalgia for this game but it is not as good as I remember. If anything it makes me appreciate VF 5 even more.

For the rest of you what do you think of the game?


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