reflekshun's Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution (PlayStation 2) review

A Fighting game thats addictive, long-lasting and smart

Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution is sucking my life away and I love it! I never knew a fighting game could be so addictive, long lasting and smart!

The AI is really something special here.. The AI strength is spread over hundreds of different AI models, so the level of AI is a very smooth curve rather than a sharp incremented one that ramps up over 8-10 levels in arcade mode (although there is an arcade mode, quest mode is where all your time will be spent!). Also, the AI (and yourself) are very well ranked so you have an idea of what you're up against. (whether you should crap your pants or take the piss out of your opponent).

Everytime I want to quit, the next round loads and i see my next opponent its like the game is swinging candy in front of my eyes! I just simply have to beat up another opponent! This is the BEST single player fighting game ever created, and probably for a very long time to come. The single player mode has everything to keep you interested in fighting over and over.. Randomly, as you play quest or even arcade mode, there will be a mission that pops up (eg 5 throws for a prize), or a ranking promotion round. Also there is 'underground tournaments' where there are many entertaining variations on the rules of VF4 (eg. 1 round 1000 health 'iron fist' mode, steal health 'seesaw' mode) I had no trouble playing 100 fights in one sitting.

This is the single players fighting game DREAM because of the quest mode and the amazing AI. Two players it is even better, you will be in a trance trying to read and anticipate your opponents moves. It is definitely a classic - it gives me the same feeling i had when i was addicted to street fighter ONE (and two) all those years ago.

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