Official GB Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Community Thread.

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#2 Posted by C2C (889 posts) -

Sign me up on there. The crowd for this is probably a little small.

PSN: Shiro_Mkiii

#3 Posted by DocHaus (1518 posts) -

360 GT: Kleptobot

I've been maining Lau recently, winning more than I have with El Blaze. Come at me duders/dudettes.

#4 Posted by DarkShaper (1361 posts) -

PSN: DarkShaper

Let's virtually fight!

#5 Posted by Nettacki (1331 posts) -

PSN: Nettacki01
Bring it!

#6 Posted by TheFakePsychic (205 posts) -

PSN: TheFakePsychic

I play this sometimes! I don't think I'm very good, considering the last fighting game I played for any reasonable length of time was Garou. But hey, it's worth a shot. (also I play Lion if that's of any importance.)

#7 Posted by Giff (43 posts) -

PSN: Blitzball_Hero

#8 Posted by Hizang (9360 posts) -

Updated, keep them coming duders.

#9 Posted by Hells (71 posts) -

Throw me up there, though I am pretty terrible against human opponents haha.

PSN: jlange2x

#10 Posted by jking47 (1266 posts) -

I have been playing it a little bit, willing to try it out with a few duders.

PSN: jking47

#11 Posted by nywt (455 posts) -

I'm terrible at fighting games but I'm up for playing.

PSN: nywt

#12 Posted by SaFt (396 posts) -

PSN: saftsaft

Haven't really chosen a main yet, but have been playing some Akira and he seems pretty nice.

Also i'm not very good, at all.

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