I started playing this again....

#1 Posted by MetalGearSunny (7468 posts) -

Man, was it fun! Sure it was hella easy, but man! I' on the PS3 and it really pisses me off that there is no online.

#2 Posted by TekZero (2879 posts) -

Yeah.  All this talk about Street Fighter 4 makes me want to get back into VF5.  But playing online for me is a lesson in anger management.   Seriously, I suck.  And it's not the cool, I suck at this game so much its funny kinda suck.  It's the hey, I can actually put up a good fight and get someone to within 1 hit of winning, or choking on the final round kinda suck.  That's much worse.

Yeah, I'll pick up my Aoi again tonight and get my ass kicked.

#3 Posted by Napalm (9230 posts) -

I used to play Virtua Fighter + 2 when they came out originally, and I knew that Virtua Fighter 5 had come out, but didn't have too much of an interest in it. I ended up throwing down $50 brand-spankin' new and I'm glad I did! I had a blast with this game. There wasn't any point to me originally dropping it, I just kind of stopped playing. It's still on my shelf, maybe I should stop using it to collect dust.

#4 Posted by TheSpirit (2 posts) -

it's one fantastic game. I used to play the dreamcast version as well as vf2 for pc and i loved those games as a kid. Recently remembered it and downloaded the demo, was addicted so went out and bought it. Favorite character is prolly wolf hawkfield.

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