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Virtua Fighter Kids is a spinoff of Sega's Virtua Fighter of 3-D fighting games released in 1996. All the characters in the game are rendered in a "super-deformed" art style that makes them appear like characters in a children's cartoon. The feel of the game is more whimsical than other games in the Virtua Fighter series as well.


Virtual Fighter Kids plays like a faster version of Virtua Fighter 2. The gameplay is set up exactly the same; the only real difference between the two, besides the speed, is the art style.

The Saturn version of VFK allowed players to program combos onto buttons and also had extra FMV sequences not featured in the arcade version of the game.


Virtua Fighter Kids is considered an oddity among Saturn collectors and Virtua Fighter fans due to its concept and the Japanese version's constant product placement for a drink called Java Tea. The game is not very widely known outside of Virtua Fighter or Saturn fancircles.

The VFK versions of Akira and Sarah are playable in the Saturn title Fighters Megamix.

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