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 Virtua Tennis: World Tour is the first and only tennis game for the PSP, while it's basically the same as the game Sega made over 3 years ago... but its great to have the game in PSP format so you can play it anywhere you go.

Virtua Tennis graphically looks the same as it was on the consoles, but a little bit sharper due to the PSP's screen.

The World Tour mode in the game is pretty decent, but due to the difficulty in actually understanding what to do to succeed and constant loading, the mode doesn't offer to much besides something to do besides Tournament mode.

There are mini-games, and some of them are pretty fun, but its not terrific. These modes just get you better at the game.

Most of your time will be spent playing the Tournament/Arcade mode, it can waste a lot of time and you can play it for a long long time

This is a great game to buy for the PSP if your looking for a time waster game. It is definantly the best sports game on the PSP so far, and it will last you a long time.    

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