European VC Releases & 300th Game Milestone

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As the current Hanabi Festival now reaches its third week, the Virtual Console here in Europe has now hit it's 300th game milestone.

This Weeks European Releases

Virtual Console
   (Hanabi Festival)

As number 300: MUSHA from Sega, is part of the awesome Aleste series that to this moment hadn't made it out of Japan. The game is widely considered to be one of the best shooters on the Mega Drive: 900 Nintendo Points

Smash Table Tennis from Konami. is as basic as NES / Famicom games get. The game features two Nintendo related cameos: 600 Nintendo Points


 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark King, is a Tower Defense game where you take on the role of the bad guy, and stop the heroes from advancing by re-enforcing your base of operations with traps and obstacles. 500 points less than My Life as a King, but bear in mind Square Enix's proposed separate Downloadable Content: 500 Nintendo Points


A Little Bit of... Puzzle League from Nintendo, which is based on the popular "Planet Puzzle League". Multiplayer features have been stripped out, but all the single player options are intact: 500 Nintendo Points

(Hanabi Festival could do with a concept page)

MUSHA (MegaDrive)


 Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a Dark King


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I got My Life as a Darklord and played through the tutorial so far, it's a pretty interesting game, but the DLC I saw turns me off. There's DLC with at least three times the cost of the actual game, on day one... Costumes costing 500 points, monsters and items, and even level packs. If I really get into the game I might get a level pack later but the other stuff... Square's become the Japanese Bethesda or something... Anyway, solid game.

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Musha is awesome, for the record.  Just take a gander at the overall wide opinion on Compile make great shooters.

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It is 300 games already? Wow, XBLA only has 225 or something like that. It is a very impressive feat, but there is still no Goldeneye :(

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