Hanabi Festival Hits Europe And Australia

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As presumed earlier, a new Hanabi Festival has hit Europe and Australia, bringing certain games onto the Virtual Console that have never been officially released here before. 7 titles across all the Nintendo download services have hit today.

There's some good, and there's some more clocks...

Ogre Battle: The March of the Black Queen
from Square-Enix brings the acclaimed strategy series to our shores for the first time ever, and even at 900 points, it being one of the best Strategy games of all time may sway you.

Pulseman from Game Freak is a fun platformer that uses the electric nature of the main character and his world to navigate, attack and solve puzzles. The development studio many gamers here will recognize as the maker of the Pokemon Handheld games.  Also 900 points.

For Wiiware, Gradius Rebirth from Konami, a side-scrolling homage to the great shooters of yesteryear, with 8-Bit visuals like those of Mega Man 9, and borrowed elements from the original Gradius games. The game is 1000 points in the states, but over here we can get it for 600 points. Bargain.

The other new Wiiware title on show is Bit Boy!! from the makers of Plattchen and Niki- Rock 'n Ball. A unique premise sees the main character of this game exploring 6 worlds, each one based on a different visual point of gaming history; ranging from the 8-Bit Blocks of the NES, to the 128-Bit Smoothness of the Gamecube. Also 600 points.

For DSiWare, there are three new additions to the shop channel, although two of them are basic Applications, in the form of Mario Clock and Mario Calculator. Both set at 200 points each.

The last new game up for download is Brain Challenge from Gameloft, in what seems to be a more-or-less port of the decent WiiWare game of the same name. 800 points.

Looking forward to seeing what we get next week...

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Bit Boy sounds weird. I didn't watch the full video on youtube and the first few seemed like more-primitive-than-pacman-pacman so it didn't catch my interest but I suppose later levels may improve a lot if it advances in this manner. Maybe as soon as it hits SNES era it gets good :)

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