exists's Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (Xbox 360) review

It's VP 1.5 but still very enjoyable, highly recommended.

What was GIANT
- Unique game that's a good break from shooters/action/driving games

- Amazing depth, it's no kiddie game that most people think it is

- Local Co-op is a plus as well as play for fun mode especially when playing with your kids

- Controls are well done and make sense, there should be a way to modify sensitivity/speed

- Graphics are quite good and pinatas can be hilarious when making tricks or romancing

- The quick plant/fertilize is a neat addition, wish it was other than the D-pad

- Unlimited(?) boxes in your mailbox is really helpful otherwise the game would be really painful

What BOMBed
- Garden size is still quite limited so using the numerous items in the store to design your garden is impossible

- Unfair advantage for camera owners, I don't need one nor do I want to buy one, you can get multiple achievements very quickly using a cam which is totally wrong

- Some pinatas take forever to show up which gets quite frustrating so that adds many more hours to play but not in a good way

- The resident requirements for some pinatas are a total pain to achieve sometimes

- Pretty much forced to have multiple gardens or keep
changing a single one

- D-pad sux as if we didn't know this already and there are a number of controls tied to it

- Hunting in the Desert/Arctic not that entertaining and sometimes frustrating

- Ruffians and pester should stop showing up after a certain level (50?), it becomes a pain. You can put a wall that will stop Pester but Ruffians still come in


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