do you think we'll ever see a sequel?

#1 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4779 posts) -

Do you think we'll ever see a sequel?
I've played the original, have yet to pick up trouble in paradise *which is really an off shoot* Do you think they'll have a VP 2? I personally would love it, what I did play of the original was amazing, I could imagine the truly large world they could create and let you make up in VP 2.

#2 Posted by Lumley (964 posts) -
@WilliamRLBaker: VP: TiP was more than on off shoot, I've played it more than I played the original. I honestly can't see another one coming out as much as I'd love it to.
#3 Posted by ch13696 (4582 posts) -

I hope so. I have the first one on PC and it was pretty damn cool.

#4 Posted by Apathylad (3067 posts) -

It seems like Rare's been doing mostly Kinect and avatar stuff lately. I could see a Kinect Viva Pinata game, but not soon I'm guessing. 

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I considered Trouble in Paradise to be a sequel to the original VP. They also had that mini-game installment. I never played that one, but Trouble in Paradise was excellent. 
Of course, all I did was raise an army of BunnyCombs. 
But I would love more Viva Pinata.

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If my begging could make it so then we would definitely be seeing a sequel.
Unfortunately it's usually based more on sales, so I don't have my hopes up.
(...also play Trouble in Paradise, it's everything that was great about the original but better and more)

#7 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4779 posts) -

I'll have to pick up trouble in paradise, I always thought it seemed to be an offshoot/spin off. Now i gotta get it.

#8 Posted by JJOR64 (19065 posts) -

It wouldn't surprise me if they made a new one for Kinect.

#9 Posted by FluxWaveZ (19388 posts) -

Yeah, they already made the sequel.  As for the third game; I think Rare's more focused on motion control game trash or something like that at the moment to bother.

#10 Posted by TheGreatGuero (9130 posts) -

I can't be the only person here that was horribly disappointed with Viva Pinata. I guess it just was not what I was expecting at all. It's as hectic and stressful as The Sims. I thought it'd be a nice, calm, relaxing game.

#11 Posted by RichardLOlson (1852 posts) -

The first one was cool.  I wouldn't mind seeing a sequel myself.

#12 Posted by busted1der (202 posts) -
@WilliamRLBaker: Next Xbox Console or on the 3DS for sure.
#13 Posted by WilliamRLBaker (4779 posts) -
@busted1der said:
" @WilliamRLBaker: Next Xbox Console or on the 3DS for sure. "
could you imagine that? microsoft getting 3ds dev kits and making 3ds games? 
#14 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5403 posts) -

They made a TV show.  That counts amirita?

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