How awesome is Viva Pinata!?

#1 Posted by fightstrife (34 posts) -

So Viva Pinata is prolyl by far one of my favorite games for the 360. The game is deceptively easy, but in order to manage 6 different viva species while trying to get the master breeder and getting new pinata's at the same time was probably one of the most intense RTS moments in my gaming history. Plus whenever a pinata gets broken! GOD DAMNIT ITS TO DAMN CUTE! WHY ARE THEY ALL HAPPY!?

#2 Posted by pbhawks45 (819 posts) -

It's a pretty awesome game, I must admit. I take it you're excited about the sequel.

#3 Posted by fightstrife (34 posts) -

oh yeah, super excited. My old roommate is the one who owned a 360, all i own is a pc, wii, and now a ds. So i think i will buy my own 360 when viva pinata 2 comes out. I've been saving up for one and since the price drop im getting the urge to just buy it.

#4 Posted by Shocker (2324 posts) -

I am really excited for the sequel. It better be amazing

#5 Posted by KingAwesome (12 posts) -

I actually bought the original on recommendation of the giantbomb cast back when they were on the gamespot podcast. It sucked me in right away and I couldn't stop playing it. I'm really pumped the proper sequel for it coming out.

#6 Posted by Irishjohn (623 posts) -
KingAwesome said:
"I actually bought the original on recommendation of the giantbomb cast back when they were on the gamespot podcast."
Yeah, me too.  I really liked the game, but I do remember getting a funny look when I bought it!
#7 Posted by Johnny5 (1424 posts) -

I dont know for me I can have one session where I am really into it then I never feel inclined to boot it back up...

#8 Posted by Hell_Dude (52 posts) -

Hated it. I got it because it came with Forza 2.

#9 Edited by Alynablaze (83 posts) -

Its very awesome, can't wait for Viva Pinata 2! The new pinatas they've added look awesome and I love penguins, I'm gonna get my garden full of the little guys ;D

#10 Posted by MattyFTM (14635 posts) -

I keep meaning to get it, but I keep forgetting when I'm in the game store. I think I might wait for the DS version, it seems like something that might be more appealing on the go.


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