Starting a new garden, any tips?

#1 Posted by christ0phe (1033 posts) -

I actually got to a point the first time I played where I was struggling to control my garden, so do any of you guys have some tips for my 2nd go around 

#2 Posted by gamb1t (992 posts) -

struggling to control? what do you mean. we need info

#3 Posted by Tordah (2559 posts) -

Try to only focus on a few piñatas at any given time. Don't worry if it feels like your garden starts turning to crap at some point. You'll always attract whirlms and other basic piñatas no matter how bad you do.

#4 Posted by Hargreaves93 (267 posts) -

Well, if your garden starts to become a mess you can sell everything, get some coins and start again. Or if you need a fair bit of money, I found buying loads of chilli seeds, putting them in a bunch together (of around 10) and fertilising them all at once nets you about 220 coins per chilli when they have finished growing. Rinse and repeat and you'll end up having more money than you can count.

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