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Vladimir is one of the newer character added to League of Legends post release. Taking obvious queues from Dracula, Vladimir thirsts for the blood of his enemies. After learning to harness his hunger from a monk high in the mountains, he wields an impressive array of blood magic spells in battle. From draining the very of his enemies to spreading blood plagues, Vladimir's thirst for blood is never sated.

Unlike most heroes, Vladimir does not use mana to fuel his abilities. Instead, he uses his own life force to fuel his powers, draining his health to deal damage to his enemies.


Vladimir first realized his unnatural hunger for blood when he murdered two teens just to see their blood spray from their wounds. Having heard tales of a temple high up in the mountains where his kind would be welcomed, he left his home in search of such a place. In the mountains between Noxus and the Tempest Flats he found this temple, with sole monk inside. The eyes of this monk were crimson red, and it was him who taught Vladimir to manipulate the fluids of a person's very life. For his final lesson, all of the blood of his teacher was drawn from his body and fused with Vladimir, giving him the all the powers of the monk, and the monk's teacher, and so on. With nothing left to learn Vladimir turned to the League to hone his skills and fulfill his hunger for blood...for a time.


Crimson Pact

Passive: Vladimir gains 1 Ability Power from every 40 points of bonus health he has, and gains 1.8 health from every 1 point of Ability Power. This ability does not stack with itself.


Active Ability (Q): Vladimir steals the very lifeforce of his target, dealing damage to them and healing himself for 25% of the damage dealt. There is no cost to this ability.

Sanguine Pool

Active Ability (W): Vladimir creates a pool of blood at his feet, sinking into the blood and becoming un-targetable. Enemies that walk on the pool will have their movement speed decreased by 40%. This ability lasts for 2 seconds. Costs 20% of Vladimir's current health.

Tides of Blood

Active Ability (E): Vladimir sprays blood on surrounding enemies, dealing magic damage to them. Costs 30/40/50/60/70 health.


Active Ability (R): The target area is infected with a blood plague, periodically spreading to other nearby enemies. Affected enemies take an increased amount of damage. After 5 seconds, enemies infected with the plague will take a large amount of magic damage. Costs 15% of Vladimir's current health.


Upon selection

  • "The rivers will run red."


  • "Care to make a donation?"'
  • "I'd love a pint."
  • "A draining exercise."
  • "Deliciously vain."
  • "Hmm, something is leaking."
  • "I'm a universal recipient."


  • "A vital decision."
  • "A harvest moon, so aptly named."
  • "My cup is half empty."
  • "I'm absolutely livid."
  • "Trickling progress."
  • "Please, let it all out."
  • "The clot thickens."
  • "Let's pool our efforts."
  • "Wonderful."


  • "You look like someone who's got a lot going on beneath the surface."


  • "Go ahead, be negative. You'll be just my type."

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