Voice acting is getting me down

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Now, DISCLIAMER: I think the voice acting is beautiful.
Is it just me or is voice actor crossover getting you down? I just picked up Disgaea 3 and I kinda dig where it's going, even if I'm scared by the level cap going to 9999 (or so the save data wants me to beleive) but I can't get myself to stop thinking the first 3 characters I met, Mao, Raspberyl and Almaz by their voice actors other roles!
Mao ( Vic Mignogna) is either Edward Elric - Full Metal Alchemist or Junpei, Raspberyl ( Laura Bailey) is Amber - Darker Than Black or Rise and Almaz ( Johnny Yung-Bosch) is either Ichigo - Bleach or Adachi!
At first when I started following my favourite voice actors through their games I thought it was fun and I like the thought of them getting a paycheck, but it's kinda getting me down now. Anyone else feeling like recognising voices takes you out of it a bit?
On a hypocritical note, it'll be nice to listen to Quinton Flynn's gorgeous voice again this september <3

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Dude, you know nothing about crossing over until you play some Nolan North games. Uncharted 1&2. Assassin's Creed II, Dark Void, Army of Two The 40th Day...

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Yeah, there's definitely a lot of crossover with the English-speaking anime voice actors.  I find it to be a bit of a bummer as well.

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It's like movies, get used to it.

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Johnny Yong Bosch,  recognize him from Power Rangers and Trigun

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Duuuude he's the worst, but at least he can get some range. I had no idea he was in ODST until it was pointed out, too bad what is heard cannot be unheard.
Kinda sorta, but it's worse in vidya games; the voice is the soul and the only human output so the actor tends to have a more varied character base, wheras in movies I can rest assured jack nicholson is gonna be a crazy, daniel craig is gonna be bondy, tom cruise is gonna ham it up, Harrison ford is going to be handsome and kind of an anti-hero etc. It works better in movies because of type-casting actors very rarely play a character they haven't before.
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@Marz: OH SHIT YEAH TRIGUN. God i loved that. I reckon I still could if I found my DVDs....
I'm glad he got a big break with bleach too though.
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Why is Geordi LaForge on Reading Rainbow??!!?!  I"m so confused.

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@Evercaptor:  So Nolan North doesn't play the exact same character, every damn time?
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I don't have anything against voice actors being in multiple games/anime/whatever. I played Eternal Sonata only because of Hirano Aya.

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To be honest voice actor crossovers don't usually bum me out but there is a limit, a limit that I didn't think would ever be reached but has come in the form of Nolan North. The man is a brilliant voice actor but he's been cast in so much it's hard to not get a little bored. While we're on the subject of voice actors/actresses though I would just like to say Jennifer Hale and John DiMaggio are awesome.

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John DiMaggio    is in like every new cartoon coming out on tv. 
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I still think Steven Blum is the worst when it comes to overuse.

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I think if you look at Yuri Lowenthal's credits and think about it you can almost certainly tell it's him when his character speaks.
Fact is he's a fantastic actor so he gets roles ALOT.

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More Jeff Kramer, please!

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Yes, but the ones who get a lot of work do so because they know how to deliver their lines, unlike "real" actors in videogames. I'd rather have well delivered lines from the same actor across many games than many unique voices fucking up everything they say.
edit: and those anime voices are like that because of the small number of NA translation studios. But really most anime voices sound the same even if the actors aren't the same. Derivative is just part of that style.

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You forgot Chronicles of Riddick, Prince of Persia, Halo 3: ODST, Shadow Complex, and just about as many other games you can think of. Sick of him now...
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ah it doesn't bother me. If i like a voice actor i like to see them elsewhere. 
bioware has been using 4 or 5 actors consistantly for everything they've worked on. i love them all.

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I hated the voice acting in Oblivion and Morrowind because it was the same 5 people over and over and over again for the hundreds of citizens. THAT shit gives me fatigue like nothing else.

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