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Volkner is the final Gym Leader of Sunyshore City, and distributes the Beacon Badge to worthy trainers. Upon arrival to Sunyshore, the player discovers that Volkner has become depressed due to lack of worthwhile opponents, and plans to take on the Elite Four. He is good friends with Flint of the Sinnoh Elite Four.



Diamond and Pearl:

Raichu: Lv. 46
Octillery: Lv. 47
Ambipom: Lv. 47
Luxray: Lv. 49
Volkner gives $5880 upon defeat.


Jolteon: Lv. 46
Raichu: Lv. 46
Luxray: Lv. 48
Electivire: Lv. 50
Volkner drops $6000 when beaten.
Double Battle With Flint:
Jolteon: Lv. 56
Luxray: Lv. 56
Electivire: Lv. 56
Jolteon: Lv. 61
Raichu: Lv. 61
Luxray: Lv. 62
Electivire: Lv. 65
Lanturn: Lv. 63

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