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Volt, is a former bodygaurd of Mikado with a vast wealth of knowledge on the man and his empire. He talks very litte, like Sion, and decides to help Sion find Dominique to settle his own scores with the corporation. He has a few grudges with Echidna, Dauragon and Wong. Volt is a slower fighter who tends to use technical manuvers to beat enemies, but what he lacks in speed he makes up in strength. Volt's punchs and kicks hurt alot more than both Sion's and Koh's. Also, he can do several strong moves such as a drop kick and grabs. Volt makes a good choice for those who are patient and want someone with lots of health and want to deal alot of damage. He is very useful it taking out groups of Mikado soldiers so remember to pick him when you're in those type of situations.

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