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Volvagia has only appeared in one Legend of Zelda game: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He appears as the boss of the Fire Temple, that looms over Death Mountain. While in control of the area, Death Mountain is surrounded by an ominous red cloud, instead of the healthy white smoke from Link's childhood days. It is said that Volvagia once terrorized Death Mountain, by eating Gorons. He was once defeated by a legendary hero, using the lengendary hammer (Megaton Hammer). Ganon, in his state of power, revived Volvagia and unleashed it upon the gorons once again.



This lava dragon will emerge from a hole. If you are standing near it, Volvagia will not you down. Watch for the lava holes to rustle. When they do, prepare for Volvagia to pop out of it.


Volvagia will breath fire at you. It can do this while flying, or while it is perched inside a hole. If it's in the air, just run away from the flame. If it's perched in the hole, stay out of range, or attack before it can start spewing fire.

Rock Fall

While flying through the air, Volvagia can summon rocks to fall on you. Watch for shadows, and make sure you aren't under it. If you are, move out of the way.


Volvagia can be one of the hardest or easiest bosses in the game. The key is to stay away from its attacks, because they all deal at least two hearts of damage (and up to four!). When you notice one of the holes rustling, make sure to equip the Megaton Hammer. If Volvagia stays in the hole, use the oppurtunity to attack it. Use the Megaton Hammer to stun it, and use your Master Sword or Biggoron's Sword to attack it afterwards. If Volvagia takes to the air, you can use your arrows on it for minor damage, or concentrate on avoiding Volvagia's attacks. Repeat the process and Volvagia will go down soon enough.

Speed Run

The tactics are basically the same for a speed run, but you have to be precise in your movements. When going to stun Volvagia, use a jump attack to deal more damage. The Biggoron's Sword is a must, as well. Pull it out as soon as you stun Volvagia with the Megaton Hammer and use another jump attack. Then crouch and jab with the sword. This technique, for whatever reason, will deal the same amount of damage as the last attack you used (which just happened to be a jump attack with the Biggoron's Sword.) and is also much quicker than a jump attack. When Volvagia takes to the air, shoot it with arrows to deal extra damage. If done correctly, Volvagia will only get a chance to come out twice, a very quick battle.

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