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Vorshar was hand-picked by the Prince of Hate, Innoruuk, many centuries ago when the Combine Empire was still thriving. The decision to allow dark elves to join the empire was a momentous occasion that brought about much debate. Vorshar was the most vocal and adamant on the side of being against joining the humans and other races. His hatred of the 'lesser' races was stronger than any other dark elf. Vorshar was summoned to the Realm of Heroes only to be allowed to return to Norrath after many years. He now serves as a judge for Innoruuk by determining who is worthy of being summoned to the Realm of Heroes.



Related Quests

  • The Realm of Heroes - Neriak


  • Al`Kabor's Ring of True Sight
  • Azibelle's Scarf of the Night
  • Dabner's Amulet of Elements
  • Dabner's Staff of Recall
  • Dabner's Stud of Introspection
  • Dabner's Traveling Cloak
  • Danak's Cloak of Battle
  • Face Mask of Bumblok
  • Girdle of Mind and Body
  • Heretic Skin Veil of Vr'i
  • Impenetrable Mask of Al`Kabor
  • Insightful Ring of Boosting
  • Ognit's Aqua Collar
  • Ognit's Cape of Salesmanship
  • Treant Bark Shield
  • Zavo's Cloak of the Mortals
  • Zavo's Stud of Mortality

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