Favorite music from C64 days?

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I dont know if this have been a topic before, but as a "old" man, i still love the awsome tunes from a couple of games. First and foremost    i love the start of Last Ninja(1987, bought in 1989. Dident beat it until 2002^^). I put the game in. Loaded for about 7 min. Menu....Load for another 5-7 min and then........ OMG! Listen from start to 3:25 HERE. Blew my mind and still does. 
Next is one of my favs. I never had a NES. But my m8 had 1 and i played Super Mario bros and duck hunt to death(That dog...grrrr) And when i left i came home to my C64 and SMS(Phantasy Star 1 is STILL the best game!) This i acually copied with a tape recorder(I know. I was a "Pirate" on that). Just wanted a fix for my Mario bros. And i found it in the Great giana sister. I love the remakes and all, but still original menu theme.....still love that tune. And here you GO
So...those are a coulpe of my memories:)  
What is your fav tunes from the C64 days? 
NB: Im from Norway, so sorry if im spelling shit wrong:) 
Edit: Oh my. I think i made this is in the wrong forum thingy:) A shout out to fisk0 for his VVVVVV c64 topic. If somebody would be so kind and throw this over to general? Thank you:)
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Well, I never personally owned a C64 (and was born a couple of years too late, by the time I was somewhat sentient the Amiga was already big and was on it's way losing to the IBM PC), but for the last 10 years or so I've been keeping up with the HVSC music collection of circa 30000 C64 SID's and I have found quite a few really fantastic songs in there. Most of them aren't from games, but from the demos and musicdisks of the demoscene, but there are some fantasic game soundtracks there too. I enjoy most of the stuff by Rob Hubbard, especially Zoids, but the soundtrack for the C64 port of Bionic Commando by Tim Follin is mindblowing, so much fantastic use of the SID filters there, you could almost swear you're listening to a Moog or something.

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Thank you m8! Awsome link:) And yes, the c64 is unik in the sound. Blew NES out and sms. though i love many of the 8 bit tunes aswell:) But thank you m8 :) 
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Dude yes! The Great Giana Sisters music was pure greatness!

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@FlemmingM said:
"Dude yes! The Great Giana Sisters music was pure greatness! "

Yes m8. Those days where awsome. Never had smb original, but we got the next best thing. And omg(again) those tunes from the c64 blew the nes:)
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By the way, if you got a terabyte or two to spare, a few crazy people recorded all songs in the HVSC from authentic C64 hardware to MP3's, on 3 separate versions of the SID chip, the two revisions (NTSC and PAL) of the 6581 and the 8580 - so you can find the way you remember them sounding. In total it is 154473 songs - all 30000 files from the HVSC including every single sub-song (a SID file, just like MOD-music can contain more than 1 song each, most games fit all their music and sound effects into the same file, resulting in some SID files containing up to 50 individual "songs").

Either way, if you just want to download a few of your favourite songs or the entire 1TB+ package, the stuff is available on http://www.6581-8580.com/ and are mirrored at a few University servers.

Sligthly off topic note - the same crazy people also made a similar 1TB collection of Amiga music.

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M8?....you just made my day(night here^^) Thank you so much. so many awsome tunes i still want to hear that i cant find. so thank you so much:) Again^^
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Dude, you should check out the new Mind.In.a.Box album, the entire thing is a love letter to the C64. He even did some updated versions of some classics like LightForce and The Last Ninja 

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@Driadon said:
"Dude, you should check out the new Mind.In.a.Box album, the entire thing is a love letter to the C64. He even did some updated versions of some classics like LightForce and The Last Ninja 

God damn.....you made my day. thank you so much for the Last Ninja. Not as intense as the original, but i loved it still. Had the vibe:)
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@Forcen: Sorry m8. dont have spotify. "old" man as i said. I just listen to what i have. Never made the step there:) But thank you. I will sign up and check it out:) 
Edit: LightForce remake is awsome! Cheers
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has to be the oliver twins/ codemasters dizzy collection for me absolutley loved the games music to this day!!, loved waiting an hour for  a game to load too : / lol

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  Easy choice:

Enjoy some brilliant tape loading screen music. Credits to Ben Daglish and Anthony Lees.
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my choice: 

   love all the weird crunchy sounds in this one.  And its from the god of c64 music Rob Hubbard.
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Wasn't even born back then but found this while looking up a SNES soundtrack. 
I think it's quite awesome :D

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