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does it have steam achievements?!

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@Axxol said:
" So uh, what is it? "
Check this out.
Also checking out the demo to see if I like it.
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@Axxol said:
" So uh, what is it? "
It's an exploration based reflex heavy platformer where instead of jumping you reverse gravity. 
Example: instead of jumping over a pit of spikes you walk over them on the ceiling.
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Fucking yes finally.

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But I already bought it...

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I actually bought the soundtrack ages ago, haven't bought the game yet though.
get it soon now though

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Yup, bought. 
Edit: Estimated download time is 2 MINUTES.  WORK HARDER, STEAM.

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Ha, the title of this thread is exactly what I thought when I opened Steam :D
I've been waiting for ages for this to make it to Steam.

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But...but...I bought and played it already!
Sure took it a while to get onto Steam. I wonder what the hold-up was. :O

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My computer can't handle steam.

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Done and DONE.

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Brought it, then realised I thought It was another game. This doesn't detract from its awesome-osity! 

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It's kinda funny how they're selling it at 10% off... Which amounts to a savings of fifty cents because it's cheap! And looks awesome! I'm totally going to buy this.

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@LordXavierBritish: Thank you for the great news!  I shall be acquiring this soon for sure.
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Woot! Ty, for the heads up.

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1. It costs too much until right now
2. It wasn't on Steam

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Bought it.

I'm now starting to wish I'd bought it sooner. That music is awesome

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Yeah, instant purchase, I've been wishing for a Steam release of this since Valve announced SteamPlay.

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I bought it originally, do I get bonus points?

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@Wes899 said:
" I bought it originally, do I get bonus points? "
If you also purchased the PPPPPP soundtrack, yes.
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Just finished and got all the trinkets \o/

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And it's for the mac? Bought!!!

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As soon as my internet stops being lame, that game is mine!

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@mylifeforAiur said:
" As soon as my internet stops being lame, that game is mine! "
Yeah, something wrong with my connection too, half of the time I try to open a web page I get time out errors and stuff, which was rather scary when I purchased the game as I got that at first too, it seems they only charged me once though, and I did get the games (purchased it along with Chime), and got them downloaded within seconds, so I'm happy anyway.
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@pyromaster222 said:
" does it have steam achievements?! "
I don't really think achievements would fit this game ... except for "don't die" there is nothing really you can "achieve" besides making it to the end :)
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@DeF:  well you could have achievements like get all of he orbs, die 10000 times, find the crazy elephant, things like that. 
" And it's for the mac? Bought!!! "
and same, more or less finished it already though unfortunately...
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@DeF said:
" @pyromaster222 said:
" does it have steam achievements?! "
nope  I don't really think achievements would fit this game ... except for "don't die" there is nothing really you can "achieve" besides making it to the end :) "
There are no actual Steam achievements. But there are 'achievements' within the game itself with various things that can be unlocked by completing them.
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I managed to die 142 times on the first level. Isn't that achievement worthy?

I'm going to blame a bit of it on something about the game or my keyboard that makes the directional keys lock up occasionally, I think at least 30 or 40 of those death were because the guy kept walking right into spikes upon respawn because he was stuck walking in that direction for a few seconds. It was especially annoying on "Trench Warfare" where it could lock up right after a gravity shift, making the guy either walk off the moving platform right into the roof spikes, or walking right into the soldiers after landing on the ground.

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I watched @Hamst3r's let's play of it.. Does that count for playing it?

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I will get this sometime, masochistic games FTW!

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What is that?

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Well maybe I prefer WWWWWW's. Controversial LAD.

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It's DRM free off steam, but it's still quite popular on Steam. Funny.

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Just bought it and I am now in love.

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50 cents off! Better hurry before this deal goes away!

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Bought and beated. 
Just wish it had Steam Acheivements.

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I re-bought this. Was worth $15 is certainly worth the pittance it now costs and Steam is nice and convenient.

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Awesome! Bought! $4.50 is a steal!

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It's a done deal
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I didn't buy it cause I need to save all the money I can for my subscription... but it does look awesome, I hope that it'll come in a nice bundle around Christmas time!

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Bought. Never heard of this before I saw the Steam sale. This is absolutely brilliant. Need to get hold of that soundtrack as well.

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I bought this too. Fun from what I've played so far. 
I remember thinking that this game should have been on steam when I saw the GiantBomb quicklook a while ago, finally it is!

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To LordXavierBritish : there is a C64 port on the way!!! I know :O
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@Hostile said:

" 1. It costs too much until right now 2. It wasn't on Steam  Purchased. "

That was exactly my thought train. 
It is a really well designed, difficult but fair, platformer. Also, kick-ass music and graphics, but it's probably easier to appreciate those features if you know what a C64 is. (Actually, see Game Room for reference of that era.) Some also quite funny video game-y in-jokes, as well.
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If you like VVVVVV you might like Hoggy for iPhone

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