Has anyone else seen this?

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I have been meaning to pick up this game since I saw the quick look a while back and now all the talk about on the GotY deliberations and the ongoing Steam sale has pushed me over the edge. I must admit that I am enjoying it but I do find it to be a little difficult. Anyways, I saw this in the recent news for the game on Steam and it looks like complete madness. As is VVVVVV is mind blowing enough in the fact that you can kinda hopelessly float through space until landing on something, at least you only have 2 dimensions to deal with. So do you think this is a good or a bad idea? I think if the developer puts the same amount of care into it as he he put into the original it would be an incredible experience once you wrap your mind around it. 

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I was confused, because the video you posted isn't of the game. Get out of my head! 
It's a really fun little game, I enjoyed it. If you've got the money, it's a great way to spend the day. Plus, the music is baller. 
Edit: I just re-read your OP. I am a clown. I would like that, but I would probably vomit.

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This is just some stupid fan made thing. It's not a sequel.

#4 Posted by Winternet (8258 posts) -

It looks silly.

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nope. keep it 2D. platformers are always best in 2D. NEVER go out of 2D you hear me? 
The worst parts of games such as super mario 64, or galaxy for that matter, is when you're needed to be precise, but the controls aren't sharp enough to do what you want to do.

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@tiwi: I could not agree with you more but I still think it could be interesting.
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I've seen it before, it's pretty funny. However, that would be too crazy in practice. I'm content to leave it as a video.

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Haha, yeah, hi there!
A V3D as depicted in that faux-trailer would definitely not work. At all. The sideways flip becomes a total gamebreaker the moment you consider it a valid game mechanic! It's solely in there because I wanted things to look ridiculous, that's all. The original storyboard also had a shot where it goes into slow-mo and zooms in and the guy actually jumps (see also: Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2), but I ditched that. With that, there would've also been a room completely covered in spikes, including an overhang that you have to flip to the ceiling, jump toward the overhang, then flip mid-air to pass.
But yeah, none of that would actually make for good gameplay! On the DistractionWare forums, there was some deliberation about making something like this for real, but I don't think anyone working on remakes is as serious about it as one would need to be to bring something like this to life. However, if someone here feels up to the task, I'm absolutely willing to help with art assets and level design, were such a project to ever come true! Just leave the 90 degree flips out of it.

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@Rox360:  That was an awesome trailer. Obviously the sideways flips would limit a lot of the ways you could do level design, but for the purposes of the trailer it looked awesome.  Made me actually want to play this version.
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Thought it was a trailer for a sequel until I saw Megaman X logo.

#11 Posted by Dtat (1709 posts) -

That looks terrible.

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Cool concept but unless it's masterfully done, it'll just pale in comparison. 
Nice trailer though.

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