#1 Posted by JackColt (103 posts) -

Apologies if someone posted this already, but if you happen to be interested in this game after hearing Jeff talk about it during GOTY deliberations, it is down to $2.49 on Steam.  
Zero excuse to not try it out. 

#2 Posted by AlisterCat (6253 posts) -

It's been on sale for almost 2 weeks, so I'm sure somebody has made a thread about it.

#3 Posted by Malphye (414 posts) -

Its a great game for the price. Brought it yesterday and beat it in under 2 hours. Almost made me break my monitor in some areas. Good times.

#4 Posted by McGriddle550 (346 posts) -

the game is pretty fucking awesome best $2.50 ever spent

#5 Posted by Azteck (7416 posts) -

I have a great excuse! I can't buy it 'cause I can't buy things online. YAY!

#6 Posted by Malakhii (1444 posts) -
@Azteck said:
" I have a great excuse! I can't buy it 'cause I can't buy things online. YAY! "
Well then you're missing out on alot of great stuff. 
#7 Posted by G0DF4TH3R (167 posts) -

I am really thinking about buying this game, GB has really shaped my views on games kinda of scary if you think abt it.  
But i know they will not abuse there power they have...... I hope...... lol
Anyways I dnt care I will most likely buy the game =D

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