The soundtrack.

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Yup, the soundtrack (called PPPPPP) is pretty great. Well worth the $4 it costs to download. All the in-game sounds (especially the 'sad/death' sound!) are great as well.

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the best soundtrack ever

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I haven't actually heard the soundtrack, but the guy behind it has a lot of fancy chiptunes and Amiga-tracks! (press download to the left here)  

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Morgan Pålsson/SoulEye also composed some of the music for the side scrolling genitalia themed shoot em up Space Phallus, which it's awkward theme aside, is a pretty good shooter, and obviously has great music.

Like VVVVVV it's graphical style is inspired by the C64 graphics capabilities, and it's free, available for download from the developer Charlie's Games,

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If the music wasn't as good as it was, I would probably have gone crazy while playing this game – and the music is phenomenal.

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One of the best soundtracks this year.
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This song made me download the soundtrack. I mean the other songs are good, but man...
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It makes me incredibly sad to see how underrated this game is. LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE the music!

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Anyone wanna guess which song Jeff said was the standout?

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Yeah I like pretty much all of them. As a similar game@anon463728 said:


My favorite song is Passion for exploring. Do yourself a favor and buy the soundtrack!

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@GlenTennis said:
" This song made me download the soundtrack. I mean the other songs are good, but man... "
Guile's theme goes with everything.
The whole soundtrack is unreal. Blew me away!
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@Raymayne: I can hardly believe you are being serious. Whether or not you like the game is up to you, but because we like a very well done platformer that happens to be indie we are "d-riding"? How you can have such blatant tunnel vision is beyond me. I think we all know where the growing up needs to happen.
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@Raymayne: You're an idiot.  
On topic: The soundtrack is great, definitely worth the $2.50 I payed for it ^_^

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